Articles by Majlinda Aliu

Migrations, media, and the pandemic

04/03/2021 -  Majlinda Aliu

In recent years, migrations have been widely covered by the European media, often in controversial terms. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the situation has changed dramatically, but not for the better. An analysis

Balkans, dreaming of a future elsewhere

06/12/2019 -  Majlinda AliuAleksandar ManasievAleksandra Bogdani Dušan MladjenovićMilica Marinović

Many people, above all young and qualified, emigrate or dream of emigrating from the Balkans to other European countries. A phenomenon that puts entire sectors of the economy at risk, and that warrants urgent answers

Kosovo: le dimissioni di Haradinaj aprono alla crisi politica

06/08/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Le dimissioni del premier kosovaro Ramush Haradinaj, convocato dalla Corte speciale per i crimini UÇK, aprono una crisi politica che si annuncia lunga e complessa. Vittima collaterale dell'impasse sarà, quasi sicuramente, il dialogo con la Serbia

Western Balkans, media freedom is deteriorating

09/07/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Press freedom in the Western Balkans remains under attack: threats by organised crime are often accompanied by those by the institutions. A conference in Prishtina discussed the issue

Kosovo – Serbia, a stranded dialogue

29/04/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

After starting with great expectations, the EU-mediated dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia is now stalled after the introduction by Prishtina of custom tariffs on Serbian products and sterile proposals to exchange territories

Kosovo, strikes and demands for better salaries

05/03/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Kosovo has been shaken by chain strikes to demand better wages after prime minister Haradinaj doubled his own salary at the end of 2017. The recent approval of a new law on wages does not seem to have cooled tensions

Kosovo: economic growth does not (yet) create job opportunities

19/02/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Strong economic growth that does not affect the high unemployment rate, an economic model that must change to meet the challenges of globalisation. Kosovo's economy as seen by Marco Mantovanelli, country manager for the World Bank

Kosovo: robberies and violent crimes on the rise

21/01/2019 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

After a robbery that ended in blood few days before New Year's Eve, the debate has resumed in Kosovo on the significant increase in violent crimes over the last few years

Kosovo, dreaming of a life abroad

19/12/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Although Kosovo is still on the "black list" of Schengen, many of its citizens dream of a future abroad. Among the most qualified professional categories, such as doctors, we can already speak of brain drain

Kosovo starts trade war against Serbia

29/11/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

The Kosovo government decided to impose 100% customs duties against Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina. A decision strongly criticized by Brussels, and which risks further damaging the fragile dialogue with Belgrade

"Border correction", a dangerous game

12/10/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

In recent months there has been an increasing talk of a swap of territories between Serbia and Kosovo: a solution that raises concerns and question marks. The debate among the Kosovo Albanians

Festivals bring the world to Kosovo

04/09/2018 -  Majlinda Aliu Pristina

Music festivals and cultural events: this summer Kosovo has seen many initiatives meant to promote the country abroad and provide new inspiration to its young population, which remains the most isolated in Europe