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The Eu and de facto states: adjust expectations, support small steps

13/02/2019 -  Giorgio Comai

Meaningful engagement with de facto states and consistent, patient support for constructive approaches as they emerge from the region are the way to go for the EU and other international actors in the coming months

Transnistria: journalism beyond the Nistru

24/07/2018 -  Francesco Brusa

How has journalism evolved in the state that does not exist since the 1990s? A meeting with Nikolaj Kuzmin, journalist and activist of ILC Apriori in Tiraspol, a space for legal assistance and promotion of human rights

After a new president came to power, what happened to Transnistria’s media?

18/06/2018 -  Giorgio Comai

We have analysed Transnistrian online media 18 months after Vadim Krasnoselski came to power. We found clear evidence of selective removal of “unpleasant” old news items, but no evidence of mass dismissal of journalists

The upcoming presidential election in Transnistria

01/12/2016 -  Giorgio Comai

Presidential elections in Transnistria are scheduled for 11 December 2016. With substantial overlapping in the programmes of the two main contenders, the decisive factor are pro-Russian credentials

Transnistria, wind of change with the new president?

23/01/2012 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

After 20 years of Igor Smirnov's authoritarian rule in this de facto independent territory within the internationally recognised borders of Moldova, Yevgeny Shevchuk became the new head of Transnistria. Over 200,000 citizens showed up at elections to vote against Smirnov, who had a falling out with Russia over allegations of financial frauds

Moldova, twenty years of independence

31/08/2011 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

The Republic of Moldova's 20th Birthday. The celebrations, organized by the Government of Chişinău, involved a military parade and a get together of the five Presidents elected in these last twenty years. The current picture is not the most positive: the country remains bogged down in the Transnistria territorial dispute and its European perspectives are still fragile

Transnistria's Breakthrough

24/09/2009 -  Giorgio ComaiBernardo Venturi Tiraspol

Alena Arshinova is the leader of "Proriv"("Breakthrough"), a youth organization founded in 2005 in Transnistria, a de facto independent territory that, in Soviet times, belonged to the Moldovan SSR. We met her at the organization's headquarters in downtown Tiraspol. An interview

Post-Soviet Geography

17/11/2008 -  Massimiliano Di Pasquale

Crimea and Transnistria after the August war between Georgia and Russia. Political and ethnic conflict in the post-Soviet space; a conversation with Andrea Graziosi, professor of contemporary history at the University of Naples Federico II

A new government for Moldova

16/04/2008 -  Iulia Postica Chisinau

The Republic of Moldova has a new government, led by Mrs. Zinaida Greceanii, former minister of Finance and vice Premier. The new government has big plans, but analysts in Chisinau believe Mrs. Greceanii will have little space for maneuvering, given the little time at her disposal