Redazione OBCT 7 January 2020

Today we want to dedicate a post to the eQualitie team, that has been protecting Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa since 2013, when our website was subjected to repeated ddos attacks and hackers asked for the removal of "inconvenient" articles, threatening to completely obscure our service to the readers

Back then, the eQualitie team promptly reacted to the threat offering us their support, and ever since it has protected our websites completely free of charge, with the infrastructure Deflect  in what we believe is an exemplary case of what “Corporate social responsibility” can be.

Thanks to their protection, during these last years we have been able to keep working without suffering new attacks or blackmail.

Deflect's contribution to OBCT's work may be invisible to our public, but is nonetheless fundamental: that's why we want to publicly say thanks to the eQualitie team for its daily commitment to defending the right of free expression online.