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Media and COVID-19: the risk of restrictions on media freedom


The Council of Europe and media freedom international organisations call on European States to defend independent journalistic work and not to exploit the Coronavirus crisis to further limit free access to information

COVID-19: no one is safe until all are protected!


Dozens of activists from South Eastern European countries, under the name of "Transbalkan Solidarity Group", have launched an appeal to the European Union, the Commission, the governments of EU member states and the Balkan countries, in order to safeguard refugees and migrants without any discrimination or esclusion

Turkey, an international call to end advertising ban on Evrensel


Together with other 23 international media freedom organisations, OBCT calls on the General Director of BIK to swiftly lift the advertising ban currently imposed on Evrensel, an independent newspaper now risking an economic collapse. Here the text of the call

The European Parliament must intervene to stop violence and human rights violations at the EU-Turkey border


Many European organisations have made an appeal to the European Parliament in order to stop violence and the use of force against defenseless people at the EU-Turkey border and to restore legality and respect for human rights, including the right to asylum

EU funds a Rapid Response Mechanism to defend media freedom


OBC Transeuropa, together with the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom and other partners, starts Rapid Response Mechanism to support independent journalism. The project is co-funded by the European Commission

Time to immediately act and to address humanitarian and protection needs of people trapped between Turkey and Greece


The human rights situation at the border between Turkey and Greece where thousands of vulnerable men, women and children are trapped between borders without access to assistance or the possibility to seek international protection is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Urgent action is now needed to prevent the situation from getting even worse.

Antonio Megalizzi, in love with Europe


The Antonio Megalizzi Foundation was inaugurated in Trento on February 13th-14th. The ceremony was attended by President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, who outlined the challenges faced by the Union, the community in which Antonio strongly believed

Trento: inauguration of the Antonio Megalizzi Foundation


The Antonio Megalizzi Foundation, dedicated to the young man from Trentino who died in December 2018 during a terrorist attack in Strasbourg, is being inaugurated in Trento on February 13th and 14th

Freedom of expression groups welcome start of trial in Ján Kuciak murder


The undersigned international and regional press freedom and journalism groups welcome the start of the murder trial this week against the suspected killers of Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée, Martina Kušnírová

eQualitie supports OBCT and online press freedom


Today we want to dedicate a post to the eQualitie team, that has been protecting Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa since 2013, when our website was subjected to repeated ddos attacks and hackers asked for the removal of "inconvenient" articles, threatening to completely obscure our service to the readers