Short news

North Macedonia: International press freedom mission finds fragile progress in need of further support


This week OBCT joined MFRR partners in a fact-finding mission to North Macedonia organised by the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (ZNM). While the coalition recognises an improvement in media workers' working conditions, it also warns that the landscape of journalism in the country remains fragile

Law enforcement must protect journalists amidst escalating tensions in northern Kosovo


OBCT and the undersigned international press freedom organisations express their concern about the recent violent attacks on journalists in Kosovo and call on the authorities to implement the necessary measures to ensure media workers' safety

Slovenia: Media freedom groups welcome court ruling on RTV SLO reform


OBCT together with MFRR partners welcomes the decision of the Slovenian Constitutional Court to approve the reform of Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV SLO)

Serbia: Legal harassment of investigative media outlet KRIK must stop


OBCT joins international press freedom and journalists’ organisations in expressing solidarity with Serbian media outlet KRIK, whose newsroom is continuously subjected to legal harassment

Greece: MFRR partners welcome first arrests over 2021 assassination of journalist Giorgos Karaivaz


OBCT joins MFRR partners in welcoming the arrests of two suspects in connection with the 2021 assassination of crime reporter Giorgos Karaivaz in Greece

Media Freedom on the Line as Turkey Approaches Elections


OBCT joins media organizations and journalists in demanding politicians commit to end media oppression

Bulgaria: Investigative journalists hit by smears and lawsuits after corruption revelations


OBCT joins MFRR partners in expressing concern about legal pressure exerted against two of Bulgaria’s leading investigative media platforms

Turkey: International groups demand release of Kurdish journalists, lawyers, political party officials detained in pre-election crackdown


OBCT joins media freedom and human rights organisations calling for Turkish authorities to stop systematic harassment and intimidation of Kurdish journalists, media workers, media outlets, the lawyers that defend them, and Kurdish political party officials

Greece: MFRR to fund legal appeal for lawsuit against Alterthess


OBCT joins MFRR partners in expressing dismay over the recent court ruling involving a SLAPP lawsuit against Greek media outlet Alterthess and one of its journalists, Stavroula Poulimeni. Given the dangerous consequences that such a legal precedent could have, MFRR organisations have decided to provide funding to cover legal fees for their appeal

Paradoxes: European cohesion policy increases inequalities


A recent study on the distributional effects of EU cohesion policy highlights how the latter reduces disparities between regions but paradoxically increases those within individual areas