Sarajevo 2.0

Of Sarajevo, Andrea Di Biagio brings out the colours and the shadows. And the fact that many tourists visit the places that still bear the memory of the tragic 90s

The Triglav's transparent waters

The Triglav National Park is one of the symbols of Slovenia. In the Isonzo valley, in Bled, in Bohinj and Kranjska Gora the high peaks reflect in lakes and streams. A photo story by Matteo Amech

Battle in the name of life

In the mountains of northern Albania, the herds climb steep slopes exposed to the dry wind. On the pastures of Hamzi, shepherds share the same difficult destiny as the goats they care for. Photo story by Valery Postharov

Sarajevo, Pride enthusiasm

The first Pride in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held on Sunday 8 September in Sarajevo. A starting point against isolation, violence and discrimination that the LGBT communities still suffer in the country. Photostory by Alfredo Sasso


"Passages" was born a year and a half ago with the aim of telling the main routes followed by migrants along the borders of Europe. Stories of migrants, refugees, but also doctors, volunteers, operators. Some shots from the Balkans by photographer Matthias Canapini

Northern Albania, the soul of milk

The Syla family lives in the mountain village of Blerim, in northern Albania. Their everyday life, cadenced by ancient rhythms, revolves around the breeding of goats, ancient art and the cornerstone of the family economy. Photo by Valery Poshtarov

Political funding: years of scandals

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You have a choice! How to prevent radicalization in the North Caucasus


The cartoon “You have a choice! How to prevent radicalization in the North Caucasus” uses simple examples to explain how young people fall under the influence of violent extremists and what should be done to prevent radicalization. From our partner Caucasian Knot

Sarajevo asks for justice for Dženan and David

On Saturday, June 29th, hundreds of protesters gathered in the Bosnian capital to express support for the parents of David Dragičević and Dzenan Memić, killed in unclear circumstances, and to demand that the rule of law be respected. Photos by Alfredo Sasso

Salina's dream


"I want to become a veterinarian!" Salina has clear ideas, she knows what her dream is: to achieve it, she is not afraid to challenge the stereotypes that still mark the Albanian society and can count on a school that, starting from the concreteness of earth, aims straight to the future