Ángela Bernardo, ​data journalist at Civio, ​coordinated EDJNet’s large investigation on access to mental health care in Europe. In this video, she presents how her team approached the subject and what were some of the most interesting findings of their work. Mental health care, including both psy​​chological and psychiatric care, is critical to the wellbeing of plenty of people, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – yet access to treatment is not always easy, especially in the public sector. 

Civio is a partner of OBCT within the European Data Journalism Network​;​ ​t​his partnership resulted in the publication of ​a few projects so far​.​ ​This video is part of a series of interviews on data journalism from a European perspective, which are produced by OBCT as part of the European Data Journalism Network (https://www.europeandatajournalism.eu/ ​).

This article is published in collaboration with the European Data Journalism Network  and it is released under a CC BY-SA 4.0  license.