Clara Guibourg, ​data journalist at ​Journalism++/Newsworthy, ​contributed ​to EDJNet’s ​coverage of COVID-19 with an investigation on excess deaths in Europe . In this video, she presents ​how she approached the subject ​starting from summer 2020, including the type and limits of the various sources. She also points at ​some of the most interesting findings of their work​, which was notable both for its scope (most of Europe was covered) and for its scale (data on excess deaths refers to regions).​ 

Journalism++​ and ​Newsworthy ​are partner​s​ of OBCT within the European Data Journalism Network​;​ ​t​his partnership resulted in the publication of ​a few projects so far​.​ ​This video is part of a series of interviews on data journalism from a European perspective, which are produced by OBCT as part of the European Data Journalism Network 

This article is published in collaboration with the European Data Journalism Network  and it is released under a CC BY-SA 4.0  license.

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