A small lake with no name. People call it Pir Vir, but this is the name of the shrine located nearby. The lake was once a female space. The women collected water there and shared their stories. A film by Lala Aliyeva

The lake, as a part of nature, turned into the landscape, incorporating the memories of the culture and the perception of the past and future. So I used my camera to record the interconnection between human and non human agencies,” says the author Lala Aliyeva.

The film produced by Chai Khana and premiered at Vision du Reel 2020 and has been screened at a lot of festivals: DokuBaku International Film Festival, Chai Khana’s FemDoc, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Ji-hlava Film Festival (non competition), and Maiden Tower.To Be a Woman-Women for Peace, an international art festival in Azerbaijan

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