ECPMF, founding Assembly

Representatives of 20 journalists associations, publishing houses, academic institutions, trade unions and media rights experts from many European countries have founded on the 24th of June the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF). The photos of the founding Assembly

South-east Europe Media Forum (SEEMF)

The South East Europe Media Forum (SEEMF2014) was organised by SEEMO in Skopje from 16 to 18 October with the participation of Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso and the project 'Safety Net'

Danube, in search of the lost sturgeon

For centuries the sturgeon has been the most prized fish of the Danube. Today, dams, overfishing, and river transport have made it a ghost. In Bulgaria and Romania, a WWF project seeks to start over by collecting new data and raising awareness in the local population.

Georgia: Chiatura-Zestaponi the city of mines

Chiatura-Zestaponi industrial cluster is less than 200 kilometres far from Tbilisi and it has been operating for more than one century.

Bulgaria: the anti-immigration wall

The government in Sofia presented the "technical barrier" on the Bulgarian-Turkish border: 30 kilometres of net and barbed wire that should contain the flow of refugees and asylum seekers

Save Vake Park

Hundreds of Georgian citizens are again protesting, this time to oppose the construction of a 7-storey hotel in the capital’s Vake Park

Tblisi-Kiev: solidarity in action

Georgians take to the streets in solidarity with the Ukrainian demonstrators. The photo story by Onnik Krikorian in Tbilisi

Bulgaria: the cardboard war

On November 20, after 160 days of protests and one month of occupation of the universities, 20 Bulgarian students have taken rifles and pistols. Their "weapons", made of cardboard, are used to raise the attention on their protest against the Oresharski government. On the same day, also the unions took to the streets. The photos of Francesco Martino

Becoming Europe. The photos

The 16th of November, in Bergamo, the international conference "Becoming Europe". Scholars, journalists, politicians and diplomats discussed the legacy of the Nineties and the challenges of the present for an enlarged Europe. The final event of the project "Tell Europe to Europe"

A summer in Kosovo

A land full of contrasts, portayed in a vigorous black and white. From the mountains to the cities, the summer of 2013 in Kosovo. A photo report by Federico Pagnini