Korça, Bazaar of the Serenades - Marjola Rukaj


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The Motorway to the Nation

motorway, Albania, Kosovo, Sali Berisha, infrastructure

Return to Durrës

“The next day, I took my bicycle and camera and I left for the far northern edge of Durrës, near Porto Romano...’" A photo-report by Lasien Vojo

Vukovar, 19 years later- Christian Penocchio

03/12/2010 vukovar, celebrations, memory, yugoslav wars, croatia

Kruja - Marjola Rukaj


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Waiting for the sun to go down - Luka Zanoni

08/11/2010 agriculture, Bosnia, farmers, Mostar, Luka Zanoni

Prokudin-Gorskii collection. Posing, in colour, for the Tsar

The Russian Empire in colour, as it was a century ago, is back again visible to the public thanks to digital technology. The Caucasus as we had never seen it, portrayed by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, master of images, on a special mission for the last Romanoff. An OBC selection from the digital exhibition recently made available by the Library of Congress


20/09/2010 cartoline, albania

Mashuk 2010 - Giorgio Comai

Last August, the youth forum “Mashuk 2010”, the first summer camp promoted by Moscow's government and solely devoted to young people from the Russian Caucasus, was held in Pyatigorsk, an old spa town in Russia’s North Caucasian Federal District. The event focused on training for cultural interaction and support to youth entrepreneurship.

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