Ride&Bike between Slovenia and Croatia

Thanks to European Cohesion policies and funds, through the Interreg VA Slovenia-Croatia cooperation programme, two projects were born and developed over time which spanned a period of approximately 15 years: Ride&Bike between 2007 and 2013, and Ride&Bike II, between 2018 and 2021. These projects have transformed the hilly regions between Slovenia and Croatia along the Sava and its tributaries into popular destinations for cyclists, walkers and horseback excursionists. We talked about the project in general here.

Western Macedonia: many leave, some arrive

Western Macedonia is an inner region of Greece. It is located northwest of Thessaloniki and borders Albania and North Macedonia. It is a relatively little-known area of ​​the country, visited by few tourists.

Trans Danube Travel Stories

The project, financed with EU cohesion funds and concluded in 2022, developed along six thematic areas: the political meaning of the Danube, nature, Roman heritage, culture and architecture, trade, spirituality. For each of these themes there was a focus on diversity (biodiversity, landscapes, peoples, architectural styles, ideologies) and change (change over time, influence on the present, search for roots, historical traces).

Tbilisi’s Armenian Community Celebrates Christmas

Almost two weeks after Christmas was celebrated elsewhere in the world, and a day before Georgia celebrated Orthodox Christmas, Tbilisi’s ethnic Armenian community celebrated its own on 6 January this year.

Georgia towards the EU

On December 14, Georgia obtained the status of EU candidate country. There was a celebration in the Georgian capital: on the stage in the central square of Tbilisi were the highest authorities of the Georgian Dream government. Images and texts by Onnik James Krikorian.

International conference Media-Democracy nexus in the European space

On 17 October 2023, OBC Transeuropa, as part of the Media Freedom Rapid Response, organised an international conference to discuss the delicate intersection between democracy, rule of law and press freedom

Fleeing from Nagorno Karabakh

On September 19, Azerbaijan launched a military attack in Nagorno-Karabakh, changing the fate of thousands of people in just a few hours. Over 80 thousand people have already left the region. From our correspondent in Yerevan, Armine Avetisyan, some shots from one of the registration centre to enter Armenia

Solidarity for the 32nd anniversary of the Nagorno-Karabakh’s Independence

Nagorno Karabakh proclamation Anniversary rallies held worldwide, including Tbilisi

CASE Day of Action - an initiative against SLAPPs

On July 10 the Coalition Against SLAPPs in Europe (CASE), of which OBCT is a member, promoted a Day of Action dedicated to the campaign against SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) targeting activists, human rights defenders, and journalists.

Topolò, Europe. Topolò, Italian-Slovenian border

Perhaps one of the most photographed places in Friuli in the last thirty years, during the 29 editions of Stazione Topolò-Postaja Topolove. How to represent it in images, after hundreds or perhaps thousands of shots have captured and narrated glimpses and suggestions, moments of art, experiences, and installations? This gallery retraces our reconnaissance in search of voices to recount that end and a new beginning, to glean crumbs of history from Caporetto to Gladio and Brussels, and show the faces, hands, gazes of the six protagonists of our audio report. Not so much to compose a portrait as to provide a few snapshots.