Sofia, the long protest

For nearly two weeks Bulgaria has been shaken by street demonstrations against the Borisov government. The heart of the mobilization is the center of the capital Sofia, where thousands of citizens are demanding the resignation of the executive, fighting corruption and the uncontrolled power of the oligarchs. The faces of the protest in the photos of our correspondent

Tbilisi Marks First Anniversary of ‘Gavrilov’s Night’

Tbilisi marked the first anniversary of the 20 June 2019 violent dispersal by riot police of an opposition protest held outside the parliament building on the capital’s central Rustaveli Avenue. A year ago last weekend, thousands of protestors assembled spontaneously outside the Georgian parliament after a visiting Russian MP, Sergei Gavrilov, addressed it from the speaker’s chair. Photo story by Onnik J. Krikorian

Baku: Street photography in the time of Covid-19

Azerbaijan has been under virtual lockdown since March 24, when the government strictly limited public movement in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Photographer Emin Mathers used his regular walks to the grocery store to document how his fellow Bakuvians dress during their precious moments outdoors during the time of Covid-19

Tirana waiting

Rare atmospheres are those in the centre of Tirana. Where traffic usually dominates, spring blooms stand out in the drama. A photostory by Nensi Bogdani/

Among the hives of Albania

"The worker bee" is the name chosen by a group of women who have managed to organise and unite in the name of beekeeping. Today, honey production is a significant income opportunity for them and their families

The rejected: migrants at the border between Greece and Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Turkey has decided not to stop refugees from reaching Europe, by land or sea. These photographs testify the conditions of women, men and children who arrived at the border between Turkey and Greece: victims of geopolitics, which the European Union is refusing to receive

Moldova: the world of Zaharia Cusnir

A real treasure found in the ruins of a derelict house and saved by a young student and his professor: the photographs by the photographer Zaharia Cusnir who, in the second half of the 1900s, told the ex-Soviet rural world like few others

Kalaša, wild horses

They were freed on the Livno plateau, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when the famine hit the area, in the hope that they would survive and could be used again in the fields in better times. Over time, they have become fully wild. Photos by Mario Jozić

Doing politics without public funding. The photos

On November 20th, 2019 we gathered in Rome experts, academics and journalists to draw some conclusions on the situations of the funding of politics in Italy after the law that abolished direct public funding to political parties, making them more dependant on private entities and potentially more vulnerable to external influences.

Sarajevo 2.0

Of Sarajevo, Andrea Di Biagio brings out the colours and the shadows. And the fact that many tourists visit the places that still bear the memory of the tragic 90s