Trieste seen by Mario Magajna

Mario Magajna has worked since 1945 at Primorski dnevnik, the Trieste-based newspaper in Slovenian language. Now, an exhibition pays tribute to the great photojournalist and the city he depicted for 50 years.

Abkhazia: Sukhumi, Victory Day

Victory Day (9 May) is still celebrated in most of the countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, commemorating the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the USSR at the end of Second World War.

Moldova: the Saharna Monastery's mysteries

Every Thursday, hundreds of people leave the Moldovan capital Chişinau heading for the Monastery, where mass exorcism rites take place. Photos by David Julià

Idomeni, scenes from the camp

Daily life in an extemporary camp in Idomeni, at the border between Greece and Macedonia, where more than 10 thousand refugees and migrants await for the border to be reopened

The Rugova valley: a trail of flavours

A trekking, a project to revamp a region, a dream of the Italian association Viaggiare i Balcani together with other ngos and institutions. Starting from 2018 the project is carried out by "Confluenze. Nel sud-est Europa con lentezza ", in collaboration ViaggieMiraggi, a social cooperative working as tour operator.

Photos by Camilla de Maffei of the Rugova Valley, on the Kosovo side of the trekking.

A trail of flavours: Kelmendi

A trekking, a project to revamp a region, a dream of the Italian association Viaggiare i Balcani, and of other ngos and institutions. Watch the photos of the Kelmendi Region, Albania, by Camilla de Maffei

Bosnia Herzegovina: the funeral of a deminer

Aldin Selimović was a 32 years old deminer. He died after suffering serious wounds during a demining operation. Italian photographer Ivan Negro attended his funeral


The journey of refugees towards Idomeni, where in recent days the doors of the Balkan route has been closed (Photos and text by Andrea Rossini and Simone Ginzburg)

Rural Istria, where the cars have no number plates

A look at the Istrian countryside. Stone walls, crossroads, landscapes bear the weight of a distant past, still in search for a future. A photo story by Alessandro Coccolo

OBC15 - TRANSEUROPE. Civil society networks

A photogallery of the international conference "Transeurope. Civil society networks", organized by OBC in Rovereto on the 21st of November