Pozor mine - Valeria Scrilatti

The Italian photographer Valeria Scrilatti followed a group of deminers in Ilijaš, not far from Sarajevo

The folk music of the South Caucasus

The meeting with Ashiq tradition - wandering minstrels- gave birth to the idea behind the Sayat Nova Project concerning the diverse musical traditions of the South Caucasus. Photo-story by Onnik Krikorian

The Istanbul protests

The mobilization to preserve Gezi Park, one of Istanbul's few green areas, has sparked a wave of protests against the government of Turkey's Prime Minister Erdoğan. Arzu Geybullayeva shows in her photos the time line of the protests

Church Led Violence at Anti-Homophobia Event in Tbilisi

Arguably leading the region in terms of democracy according to organizations such as Freedom House, attempts to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) in Georgia last week revealed major problems in terms of tolerance in the former Soviet Union.

LGBT: the Pride in Istanbul

A colorful happening, in a country where LGBT people have no rights and are heavily discriminated against. The photos of Alberto Tetta at Istanbul Pride in 2012

From America to Armenia, aboard the Sobieski in 1949

Postcards, dinners, group photos. The journey of American-Armenian repatriates aboard the Sobieski in 1949. Images courtesy of Crosby Phillian to accompany the article on the American-Armenian experience in War-Torn Naples by Hazel Antaramian Hofman

Pravo na grad, years of activism in pictures

Since 2006 it acts in favor of public spaces. It started in Zagreb, then spreading throughout all of Croatia. The history of the association Pravo na grad shows the growing activism of civil society in Croatia

Zugdidi's IDPs

During the war in Abkhazia in 1992-1993, more than 200.000 Georgians were forced to leave their homes. Many of them have been living since then in Zugdidi, the Georgian city closest to the de facto border. Some of them managed to start a new life, other live in precarious conditions to this day. A photo feature

The (blinding) lights of Baku

Capital of Azerbaijan and the centre of the country's extractive industry, Baku (especially downtown) is changing quickly, thanks to an influx of money that has come with the discovery and exploitation of new oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea

The crushed salt – Ivo Danchev

A journey to Kratovo, Macedonia. The ancient ritual of the crushing of the salt, bringing together the mountain sweetness and the Aegean Sea. Photographs by Ivo Danchev, text by Francesco Martino