Articles by Monica Ellena

Pashinyan and the Armenia of tomorrow

31/05/2018 -  Monica Ellena

The so-called Armenian velvet revolution has paid off – Nikol Pashinyan has become premier. But now the real challenge begins – to change the country. To be able to do it, the new premier needs at least a parliamentary majority

The Soviets’ Right to Rest That is no Longer

14/04/2017 -  Monica EllenaMariam Nikuradze

A means of mass mobilization in Soviet times, the right to rest does no longer exist. Resorts and sanatoria built in that time offer today decaying architecture and outdated practices luring to Soviet nostalgia

The EU opens to Georgians travellers

10/02/2017 -  Monica Ellena Tbilisi

On Thursday, February 2nd, the European Parliament approved visa liberalisation for Georgia. Now the formalities at the EU Council of Ministers, and by the end of March the first travellers

The curves of the Georgian alphabet seduce UNESCO

09/01/2017 -  Monica Ellena Tbilisi

After evolving in parallel for centuries, thanks to UNESCO, the three Georgian alphabets became intangible cultural heritage of humanity. A living and charming heritage, but one to be protected

Georgia: the kolkhoz buried, the cooperatives are flourishing

20/10/2015 -  Monica Ellena Tbilisi

After years of mistrust, thanks to massive international support and political changes, Georgian agriculture has learned that unity makes for strength