Articles by Mary Drosopoulos

Greece, historic legalisation of same-sex marriages

22/02/2024 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Greece has made history by becoming the first Orthodox-majority country to legalise same-sex marriage. A step that comes after a long journey, marked by strong opposition from the Church and conservative forces in the country

Fires in Greece: if migrants become scapegoats

11/01/2024 -  Mary Drosopoulos Alexandroupolis

The Greek region of Evros, devastated by fires last summer, is also the external border of the EU: there is a strong temptation to blame the fires on the migrants who cross it. Experts, however, point out the responsibilities of the Greek institutions

Cyprus’ Plan for a Maritime Humanitarian Aid Corridor to Gaza

21/11/2023 -  Mary Drosopoulos

While the international community is facing the challenge of getting humanitarian aid to Gaza amid restrictions in place, Cyprus has proposed the creation of a maritime corridor to reach civilians in need. Despite the technical challenges lying in its implementation, EU leaders seem to be supportive of this plan

Preventing and managing extreme wildfires in Greece via the FIRE-RES project

30/10/2023 -  Mary Drosopoulos

The region of Kassandra, Halkidiki, is one of the fire-prone areas in Greece. In the aftermath of the extreme weather phenomena that hit the country in the last months, a holistic approach involving prevention and civic education is now seen as necessary

Greece: refugee reporting in times of surveillance

19/09/2023 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

It could be the plot of a psychological thriller movie. It's the true story of a young investigative journalist, Stavros Malichudis, who unintentionally became one of the protagonists of the Greek Watergate. His reports, awarded with many international prizes, told the stories of refugees in Greece

Greece and Turkey, disaster diplomacy

13/03/2023 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Relations between Greece and Turkey have deteriorated steadily in recent years, leading to fears of a clash between the two countries. The earthquake that devastated Turkey on February 6, however, has opened up new spaces for solidarity and dialogue

Greece, the limits of democracy

02/03/2023 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

With an amendment to an existing law, political parties with actual leaders convicted of crimes might soon be banned from running in Greek national elections. The decision started a heated debate over the boundaries of democratic political participation in the country

Restoring trust in Greek journalists: George Tragkas’ controversial legacy

02/02/2023 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

George Tragkas was a prominent journalist who passed away in December 2021. The post-mortem discovery of his colossal wealth has sparked public controversy on the role and power of journalists in the country

Revythoussa, the islet of gas

16/11/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Τhe islet of Revythoussa is a small, barren piece of land in the Gulf of Megara, west of Athens. There would be nothing special about this place, except it has become the only LNG terminal in Greece and a strategic energy stronghold for the wider Balkan region

From Thessaloniki to Izmir, the friendship ferry

13/10/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Against the backdrop of growing tensions between Greece and Turkey, a positive counter-signal comes from the sea: the first regular ferry was recently launched between the cities of Thessaloniki and Izmir

Astypalea, the first ‘smart & sustainable island’ in the Mediterranean

13/09/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos

On a remote island of the Aegean, thanks to a public-private collaboration and European funds, an innovative sustainable mobility system is being developed

Cyprus: halloumi diplomacy

16/08/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Nicosia

In Cyprus, cooperating across the lines that divide Greeks and Turks is always complicated. Also thanks to EU intervention, however, halloumi cheese – one of the symbols of the island – is once again a heritage shared by the two communities

Economy and morality on the long way towards reconciliation in Cyprus

09/08/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Nicosia

First the pandemic, now the price crisis have been increasingly pushing the Greek and Turkish communities of Cyprus to cross the de facto boundaries that divide them and to interact, despite the persistence of prejudices and mutual distrust. A reportage from the island

Greece: media freedom is stifled also by criminalising "fake news"

01/06/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

As evidenced by the latest report by Reporters Without Borders, press freedom in Greece today is in great pain. A situation that also has its roots in the unresolved regulatory framework

Ukraine: (Greek) Mariupol is no more

06/05/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

The city of Mariupol, sieged by Russian troops for more than two months, was the core of the Greek Ukrainian community for centuries. The future of this community is now more uncertain than ever

Greece and the war in Ukraine, between solidarity and fear

17/03/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

After Putin's invasion, Greece has shown solidarity with both Ukraine and the many refugees who have arrived from the country in war. However, there are concerns about the possible fallout from the rift with Russia, which had longstanding and solid relations with Greece

Greece: going to jail for saving lives?

11/02/2022 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Twenty-four volunteers involved in rescuing migrants and refugees at sea are on trial in Greece. A controversial case, which targets that part of Greek and European civil society committed to saving lives in the Mediterranean

3mesiDI: La Grecia alle prese con la quinta ondata Covid-19

23/12/2021 -  Mary Drosopoulos

La quinta ondata di Covid-19 si è rivelata la più pesante per la Grecia. Il governo Mitsotakis spinge alla vaccinazione con la tecnica del bastone e della carota. Nei mesi passati novità nel campo delle partnership strategiche internazionali e il tragico aumento dei femminicidi


Greece looks to the US for security and investments

09/12/2021 -  Mary Drosopoulos Thessaloniki

Relations between Greece and the US – historically strong, but not always rosy – are strengthening at an economic and strategic level, as testified by the renewal of a mutual defense pact, with eyes on the threatening role of Erdogan's Turkey