Articles by Marina Constantinoiu

Why were the East Germans taking the Romania route to West Germany?

25/07/2017 -  Marina Constantinoiu Istvan Deak

At the beginning of the '60s, one of the missions the STASI officers had was to keep tabs on the East Germany citizens who spent an extended period of time in Romania

Cold War: Peter Mibus, border jumper for love

20/04/2017 -  Marina ConstantinoiuIstvan Deak

After 46 years, Peter Mibus returned to Romania to retrace, along with his two daughters, the escape route he undertook with his beloved Uschi to realize their dream of love

The defector who took the Romanian State to court

02/01/2017 -  Marina ConstantinoiuIstvan Deak

Considered as dangerous as criminals by the Romanian regime, defectors were long prosecuted and criminalized. One of them now seeks justice for all Romanian defectors

Romania: public broadcaster threatened by populism

31/10/2016 -  Marina Constantinoiu

A few weeks before the elections, the Romanian Parliament abolished the radio-television fee posing the public broadcaster under direct financing from the state budget

Fleeing Romanians: The reenactment of an escape route

19/10/2016 -  Marina ConstantinoiuIstvan Deak

As conjurers, Romanians defectors fled the country and the regime hidden in car-trunks, vans, trains ceilings and even airplanes

Fleeing Romanians: The Story of Those Who Made It Over the Border

14/09/2016 -  Marina ConstantinoiuIstvan Deak

Twenty-seven years ago, Western Europe welcomed European brethren escaping from Eastern European regimes, relegated to living in oppressive communist regimes

Fleeing Romanians: Who Clipped Their Wings in Mid Flight?

26/08/2016 -  Marina ConstantinoiuIstvan Deak

Romanian “border jumpers” tried to flee the Communist regime, often paying with their lives. After 26 years, this issue remains a black hole in the history of the country