Articles by Danilo Elia

Verona-Kiev, one way

15/11/2016 -  Danilo Elia

Almost a year since the theft of masterpieces by Mantegna, Rubens, Tintoretto and other masters from the Castelvecchio museum in Verona, and six months after their discovery in Ukraine, the paintings remain in Kiev

Ukraine, land of IDPs

21/10/2016 -  Danilo Elia

Two years after the outbreak of war in Donbas, there are many internally displaced persons in Ukraine. After the initial burst of solidarity by citizens, however, the willingness to host is wearing thin

Ukraine: freedom of the press jeopardized

06/09/2016 -  Danilo Elia

One month after the car bomb that killed journalist Pavel Sheremet, the discovery of Alexander Shchetinin’s death. These casualties mark a climate of rising pressure against the Ukrainian press

Ukraine: journalists blacklisted

31/05/2016 -  Danilo Elia

After the publication of a preliminary list of journalists who had been in Donbass, two new lists have appeared online

After the war, a human rights emergency in Ukraine

05/11/2015 -  Danilo Elia

A dramatic picture emerges from the new report on the situation in Ukraine released by the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights. Now that the armed conflicts have ceased, it is daily life that kills

The Jerusalem of Bessarabia

30/04/2015 -  Danilo Elia Chişinău

In Chişinău, a tiny Jewish community tries to save its history from oblivion. Half of the ancient capital of Bessarabia used to be inhabited by Jews. One day, in April 1903, the nightmare of pogroms started. Before the Nazis, even before the Shoah, it was in this forgotten city that the century of hatred began

Under the bombs, in Donetsk

02/02/2015 -  Danilo Elia Donetsk

Bombs have never stopped falling over Donetsk. The January 22nd bombing, when a city trolleybus was hit by mortar fire and 13 people died, is just the latest tragedy

Crimea: the concerns of Nils Muižnieks

29/10/2014 -  Danilo Elia

After last September's visit to Crimea, Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights Nils Muižnieks issued a report highlighting several human rights violations, severe intimidations, and attacks against journalists. Our interview

Fleeing Crimea

13/06/2014 -  Danilo Elia

Thousands of Tatar families have left the Crimea after the annexation by Russia. The community, which has always been in favour of the union with Ukraine, feels now threatened by the new authorities. Many have found hospitality in Lviv

The Other Town

20/12/2013 -  Danilo Elia

Two towns in a mirror image, one in Turkey and the other in Greece. Birgi and Dimitsana are “The other town” - the prize-winning documentary by the Turkish film director Nefin Dinc