Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Constitution and EU Accession

The international and local academic community in the last years has taken actively part in the debates on Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) costitutional changes sharing expertise and advice. Nevertheless currently in BiH there is still limited public discussion on the constitutional impact of the integration path towards the EU. The EC Opinion on BiH’s future accession and the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement have brought constitutional issues back to the fore. In this context the promotion of a free academic debate, among scholars from all parts of the country, a culture of dialogue, respect and cooperation, is fundamental to contribute to the public discussion stimulating it with academic expertise on issues of priority for the political agenda. OBC Transeuropa will, in this section, publish in Italian, BHS and English, the articles and papers produced by the network of scholars “Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Constitution and EU Accession. An Academic Platform for Discussing the Options” .

The presentation of the glossary in Sarajevo

Redazione | 27/11/2023

Last week in Sarajevo the publication "Citizens, Constitution, Europe. Glossary of essential costitutional concepts in BiH” was presented. The volume, published by the Faculty of Law of Sarajevo, is the result of an academic discussion lasting several years, dedicated to issues relating to the constitutional order of the country, carried out as part of a project financed by CEI KEP Italy fund, coordinated by the University of Milano-Bicocca

CONFERENCE Bosnia and Herzegovina: a conference to discuss the Constitution and European integration

| 21/4/2023

The international conference "Bosnia and Herzegovina: Constitution and EU Accession", which concluded the international project within the CEI Know-how Exchange Program, financed by the CEI Fund (EBRD), was held on April 12, 2023 in ceremonial hall of the University of Sarajevo

INTERVIEW Bosnia and Herzegovina, experiments in deliberative democracy

Serena Epis | 1/10/2022

An assembly of citizens in BiH has proposed a way out of the age-old problem of constitutional reform, pending for years after the Sejdic-Finci ruling of 2009. An interview with Nenad Stojanovic

ANALYSIS Bosnia and Herzegovina, between the anvil and the hammer: an analysis of the programs of the major ethno-national parties

Dražen Barbarić | 7/2/2022

By comparing the programs of the major political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is possibile not only to explain the current paralyses of the country's political system, but also to guess what political and media tools the main political actors might use trying to change the current institutional structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina

SHORT PAPER Bosnia and Herzegovina: how to organise territorial representation and effectiveness?

Bojan Vlaški | 14/1/2022

How can the federal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina become more effective? Some proposals by Bojan Vlaški, professor of Law at Banja Luka University. A contribution to the debate we are gathering on the BiH reforms

ANALYSIS Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constitutional crisis: Is this time different?

Maja Sahadžić | 23/12/2021

As the situation in Bosnia escalates, Dr Maja Sahadžić, University of Antwerp, gives her take on the long-running constitutional crisis in the region

ANALYSIS Bosnia Herzegovina: on federal systems, competencies and transfer agreements

Jens Woelk | 21/12/2021

Under no circumstances can one Entity - after more than 15 years - simply "pull out the plug ", without taking care of the consequences for the other justice systems and the State as a whole

ANALYSIS BiH as Multi-National State: Are Constituent Peoples the Crux of the Matter ?

Joseph Marko | 17/12/2021

As long as it can control the ethnic division of society, the cartel of power, based on its negative consensus to divide and rule, has no legal-institutional incentives for inter-ethnic competition, let alone cooperation

Is participation a possible way out of the constitutional conundrum?

Francesco Palermo | 16/12/2021

It is now clear that constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina is as necessary as it is difficult. A possible solution could come from participatory constitutionalism

A glossary to explain Bosnia and Herzegovina, its constitutional peculiarities, how its institutions work, and how to proceed along the path of European integration.

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