The Vallarsa Valley extends for about 20 kilometers in northwest-southeast direction between the town of Rovereto and Pian delle Fugazze, in Trentino. Is it the origin of Tito's family?

Steep slopes and kame terraces characterize Vallarsa Valley and they are dotted with many small villages. Near one of these villages, called Obra di Vallarsa, there is Maso Geche. It is the birthplace of Giuseppe Broz who, according to local inhabitants, as also reported on several occasions by local and national media, was the father of Josip Broz Tito. The husband of Mrs. Valeria was a descendant of Giuseppe Broz’s family. She still keeps newspaper clippings about this story. There is no document which testifies that Giuseppe Broz was Tito’s father. What gives this story, which still remains a myth, certain credibility is the frequent recurrence of the Broz surname in the Vallarsa Valley. As well as the fact that during the 19th century many inhabitants of this and other valleys in Trentino emigrated to other regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which subsequently became part of Yugoslavia.

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