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Roberta Bertoldi - Editor and Content Manager

Roberta has worked in the field of on-line information focusing on social themes and human rights issues for many years. From 2001 to 2004 she has worked for Unimondo, the Italian branch of the international network 'Oneworld’. An expert in content management systems. She has been a part of the editorial staff of Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso since 2005.

Articles by Roberta Bertoldi

The migrant pay gap

02/03/2021 -  Roberta Bertoldi

The latest ILO report shows that migrant workers have more precarious contracts and earn 13 percent less on average than domestic workers, for equal work. This gap is widening, and is particularly stark for female migrants


25/01/2010 - 


Grozny Dreaming

16/01/2009 -  Roberta Bertoldi

A multiethnic orchestra with artists from different parts of the Caucasus; their dreams of performing in the tormented region and of demonstrating the possibility of peaceful coexistence. Our interview.

A Thawing Game

09/09/2008 -  Roberta Bertoldi Erevan

A warm wind blows on Hrazdan stadium in Yerevan. While the two teams on the field play a qualifications match for the World Cup, the presidents of Turkey and Armenia shake each other's hand.

Going Through the Trash

08/09/2008 -  Roberta Bertoldi

They sing in Friulian, Slovene, Italian, and Spanish. And, they want to recover what others throw away. We met with Mauro "Puntar" Punteri, singer of the Gorizian band Kosovni Odpadki