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The gender gap in EU parliaments

11/03/2021 -  Openpolis

While the proportion of women in the legislative bodies of the member states of the European Union has grown over the years, access to key positions of political influence is still limited — in some member states more than in others.

The gender gap in EU governments

10/03/2021 -  Openpolis

Women constitute less than a third of the members of governments in the EU member states. This share has been increasing over the years and it is above 50% in a few countries. However, women still struggle when it comes to access to the most influential positions in the government

È tempo di correggere lo "Spazzacorrotti"

17/06/2020 -  OpenPolis

Da oltre un anno è in vigore il cosiddetto "Spazzacorrotti" su think tank e fondazioni politiche. La legge è però servita a poco ed ha piuttosto creato confusione e generato nuovi problemi. Alcune proposte

Budgets and donations, the great transparency bluff

21/10/2019 -  OpenPolis

The current rules to make political funding more transparent do not work. Unusable data and inaccessible information make transparency a bluff. From OpenPolis, a proposal on how to solve the problem

Money to politics, the challenge of transparency

24/07/2019 -  OpenPolis

In Italy the role of parties decreases, but the number of actors involved grows. A complex theme and picture, with laws still failing to intercept the new dynamics and a fragmentation of the subjects in the field.