Articles by Maria Elena Murdaca

Sochi, the Circassian factor

28/01/2014 -  Maria Elena Murdaca

Many Circassians are calling for a boycott of the Sochi Olympics, saying the Games will take place on the same grounds where their people was ethnically cleansed by Russian troops in the XIX century. Interview with Fatima Tlisova, journalist

Alisa Ganieva, if the Caucasus separated from Russia

09/01/2013 -  Maria Elena Murdaca

Alisa Ganieva, a Dagestani writer, is the author of "Salam, Dalgat". Active in the Russian literary scene, Ganieva tries to overcome mutual stereotyping between Russians and people from the North Caucasus. In her new novel, she imagines what would happen if the Caucasus suddenly separated from Russia. An interview

Taner Akçam: to talk about the genocide is good for Turkey

14/06/2012 -  Maria Elena Murdaca Ginevra

One of the first Turkish scholars to tackle the question of the Armenian genocide in an open and forthright manner, Taner Akçam thinks that overcoming the taboo of the genocide will also enable Turkey to strengthen its own role as a regional power