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How is climate changing in Europe? A paneuropean investigation in which OBCT took part

A hundred years after the end of the World War I, the experience of Russian and Serbian war prisoners in the Alps remains almost unknown or forgotten

About 2,800km hydropower plants are being built in the Balkans, posing the risk of drying and diverting streams, flooding areas, and so on

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The second edition of the Wikipedia contest on media freedom launched
11/10/2018 - From October 10th to November 30th, Wikipedia users can take part in the II edition of the Wiki4MediaFreedom contest
"Stop the dam craze": 1st European Rivers Summit held in Sarajevo
2/10/2018 - Between September 27th and 29th, Sarajevo became the center of European river conservationists and dam opponents. At...


The concept of testimony in the commemoration of the Yugoslav wars


gallery iconEDJNet's collaborative investigation on climate change in Europe
The European Data Journalism Network – promoted by OBCT – has recently published a collaborative investigation on the dramatic increase of average temperatures in Europe. The investigatio...
video iconRivers of the Balkans: the siege
Thousands of dams are planned for the rivers and streams of south-eastern Europe, and their environmental and social impact could prove devastating
gallery iconBohinj, autumn wonders
It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia, located in the heart of the Trglav park. You can still breathe the atmosphere of an Alpine culture that has not lost its typicality

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Cultivating the land in villages on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border is very dangerous. Nevertheless there are those who go on, dreaming of peace


Five years ago, on July 1st, 2013, Croatia joined the European Union - a historical step for a country heavily marked by the conflicts of the 1990s. But, what have these 5 years meant for the country? 


How has journalism evolved in the state that does not exist since the 1990s? A meeting with Nikolaj Kuzmin, journalist and activist of ILC Apriori in Tiraspol, a space for legal assistance and promotion of human rights

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