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Sustainable tourism may help Albanians resist the temptation to abandon rural areas

The Balkans have become a testing ground for China’s growing European ambitions

Turkey is building a 144-kilometre wall to reaffirm control over its border with Iran

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Is democracy deteriorating in Europe?
17/1/2018 - Freedom has been decreasing in several European countries over the last decade, according to the new Freedom House r...
The Balkans barely exist for Italian TV news
20/12/2017 - A new study shows that South-East Europe is completely out of sight for the main TV newsrooms in Italy, except for G...


The concept of testimony in the commemoration of the Yugoslav wars


gallery iconAlbania, the knowledgeable winemaker
Agronomist, winemaker, beekeeper. Jak Pacani, animator and owner of the "Ersi" winery, has been a true pioneer in the reorganisation of agriculture in the Zadrima region after t...
video iconAlbania: agriculture and tourism in the Pukë area
Sabah Djaloshi is the director of Agropuka, an association of farmers committed to sustainable agriculture and social inclusion in the area of Pukë, in Northern Albania. We met him to dis...
gallery iconAlbania, between rocks and sky
A harsh, essential land, a life marked by isolation and the perpetual, unrelenting cycle of seasons. A photo report by Ivo Danchev, in the mountains of northern Albania, in the Pukë and F...

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After ten years of economic crisis, many women in Greece have begun to explore alternatives to make their living, revaluing traditional handicraft activities from the previous decades


After the outbreak of some world-famous scandals (Wikileaks, LuxLeaks, Panama Papers ...) the debate on the democratic role of the so-called "whistleblowers" finally rose up at European level. OBCT published an analysis and asked from its network of media partners to go deeply into the subject.  The dossier


Commemorative practices, European memory, processes of victimization: an interview with Vjeran Pavlaković, Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Rijeka

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