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The elections of 1990, the year zero of Bosnian ethnocracy

Belarusian Information Technology moves to Kiev

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gallery iconCybersecurity and politics
Political parties do not seem to take cybersecurity seriously. Yet, there are dangers for their members’ data, their executives’ communications, and even their countries’ infrastructure....
video iconThe dead will understand
After Covid-19 reached a small village in Georgia - last spring - birds occupied empty schoolyards, wall clocks ticked louder, people began to remember what they saw in their dreams at ni...
gallery iconRuby red Moldova
In November, in Taraclia, southern Moldova, it is harvest time. In this photogallery Piotr Velixar meets a family of winemakers

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In more than 35,000 European municipalities, average temperatures have risen by more than 2°C over the last fifty years. From big cities to small villages, the climate crisis reaches every corner of Europe – but citizens are rising up, and people in power are finally taking action 

Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020

Combining scientific research, dissemination, and participation; telling the story of Rijeka in multiple languages. These are the objectives of an international project of which OBCT is a partner, in view of Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020

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