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Azra Nuhefendić recalls the times when humor and laughter were almost a national sport in Yugoslavia

New hydroelectric power projects threaten The Valbona Valley in Albania

Azerbaijan is betting on cotton industry again – but workers' rights are often violated

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Romania is consuming less earthly resources than the world’s average
8/8/2018 - In all of EU countries Earth Overshoot Day – the date when all of the inhabitants have used more from nature than ou...
Serbia: “The court shows a clear intention to release those accused of murdering journalist Ćuruvija"
3/7/2018 - Veran Matić, president of the Commission for the Investigation of the Murder of Journalists in Serbia, assessed that...


The concept of testimony in the commemoration of the Yugoslav wars


gallery iconCroatia, 5 years in the Eu: economy
Despite the gradual economic growth, the gap between the European Union and Croatia still remains wide. The unemployment rate has dropped, but the percentage of people at risk of poverty...
video iconAlbania: save the Valbona valley
The Valbona valley in the Albanian Alps is an area of immense beauty. The valley is formed by the crystal clear waters of the Valbona river. But the river is set to be destroyed by three...
gallery iconMoldova: summer at the lake
Moldova is a landlocked country, but its inhabitants don't give up the pleasure of spending a day on the beach. In Chişinău there are several urban parks that have bathing lakes within th...

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Cultivating the land in villages on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border is very dangerous. Nevertheless there are those who go on, dreaming of peace


Five years ago, on July 1st, 2013, Croatia joined the European Union - a historical step for a country heavily marked by the conflicts of the 1990s. But, what have these 5 years meant for the country? 


How has journalism evolved in the state that does not exist since the 1990s? A meeting with Nikolaj Kuzmin, journalist and activist of ILC Apriori in Tiraspol, a space for legal assistance and promotion of human rights

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