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Republika Srpska has appointed two new international commissions tasked with establishing the crimes committed in Srebrenica and those committed against the Serbian population in Sarajevo. A group of academics and various analysts highlight its revisionist intentions. The report by Alfredo Sasso.

“Looking at the issue of historic revisionism and coming to terms with its own recent and not-so-recent history, Croatia seems to be one of the EU's most problematic countries”, writes Ivana Polić.

More in the news: the case of the Serbian prime minister and the child she recently had from her partner; the wave of strikes and demand for better salaries in Kosovo; the difficult living conditions of the Afghan immigrants in Turkey. We wish you a good Women’s Day!


CPDP Conference: Data protection and democray

Nathalie Marechal

Disinformation online and how it can be addressed is an issue that governments around the world are presently grappling with. The panel: "Disinformation and online advertising: do we need to rethink the Internet’s business model?" 

Latest News

Between two families: stories of migrant domestic workers in Greece

Elvira Krithari

Anna, Maria, and many others. In Greece, thousands of migrant women work as domestic helpers and carers. A difficult life, suspended between legality and informal sector, country of origin and destination, pride and regret

Winter in the Balkans: cold housing and polluted cities? Something is changing

Lorenzo Ferrari

Many citizens of south-east Europe cannot afford to properly heat their own homes. The impact on health and air pollution is serious, but energy poverty has recently begun to decline

Chechnya: taxis, Islam and independence

Marat Iliyasov

Soon the Chechen women will be able to take taxis driven by women and only for women. An initiative sponsored by an Arab investment fund that caused very different reactions

Bosnia and Herzegovina, rivers under siege

Marco Ranocchiari

Bosnia Herzegovina and its citizens' initiatives in defense of its natural resources and waterways

Berlin Process before and after the Summit of Poznan

Gentiola Madhi

The fifth summit of the so-called Berlin Process will be held in Poland next July. And, for many reasons, could be the last one

Kosovo, strikes and demands for better salaries

Majlinda Aliu

Kosovo has been shaken by chain strikes to demand better wages after prime minister Haradinaj doubled his own salary at the end of 2017. The recent approval of a new law on wages does not seem to have cooled tensions


Turkey needs to respect foreign media outlets’ independence

Pressure on international media in Turkey is increasing. German journalists have been expelled from the country as their press accreditations were not renewed. International freedom of expression organisations urge Turkey’s authorities in a joint alert to revoke the decisions, to stop the expulsion of international journalists, to renew press cards to foreign media outlets, and to respect their independence.

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