Newsletter Nr. 01/2021


Farewell Dragan

Dragan Janjić passed away on the night between 30 and 31 December. Journalist, bulwark of independent media, founder and editor-in-chief of the Beta agency, former deputy editor-in-chief of the Politika newspaper, vice-president of the Association of Independent Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) and, since 2013, correspondent for OBC Transeuropa.

Over the last few years we have worked together, discussed issues and events, shared our views on critical situations. Last spring, during the lockdown, we spent evenings exchanging information and impressions on what was happening. He always had a good word, a smile, a piece of advice to share.

We will miss you, Dragane. Serbia and the world of media will miss your voice, your comments, your stinging tweets. You left suddenly, leaving everyone breathless. You will be remembered for your fight for freedom of expression, for a world more just and more respectful of human rights. We will remember you as a sincere and honest friend, a valuable colleague, and a keen analyst. Farewell Dragan.

Latest News

LGBT Croatia, two steps forward and one step back

Giovanni Vale

A historic verdict by the Administrative Court of Zagreb grants same-sex couples the right to adopt. The progress, however, was immediately undermined by the Ministry of the Family, which announced an appeal

Inzko, the future of Bosnia and the Balkans

Giovanni Vale

According to Valentin Inzko, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country is at serious risk. The idea of ​​its "peaceful dissolution" would also begin to take hold in Brussels circles. For this reason, in his opinion, it is necessary for the EU to quickly change its approach with respect to the Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Albania: political parties are doing their own "journalism"

Gentiola Madhi

In the recent electoral campaign for the political elections, the staff of the main political parties created their own editorial products, which were then often transmitted and published as they were, without journalistic mediation. Propaganda defeated information

In memory of Bayram Mammadov, a young man full of dreams

Arzu Geybullayeva

Bayram Mammadov was a young Azerbaijani activist who was unjustly imprisoned in 2016 and then released on presidential amnesty. Since 2020 he had been in Istanbul for his studies. On May 2 he was found dead in the Turkish city. His story

Armenia: the war in Nagorno Karabakh and assisted reproductive technology

Armine Avetysian

In Armenia, mothers who lost a child in the recent war in Nagorno Karabakh will have access to a special assisted reproductive technology programme

North Macedonia, expanding protected areas

Aleksandar Samardjiev

North Macedonia is set to protect some of its main mountain ranges, such as Shar, Osogovo and Vodno, which are now increasingly threatened by exploitation of soil, water, and forests