Newsletter Nr. 23/2019



On the 15th of October 1989 Danilo Kiš (1935-1989), the last great Yugoslav writer, died in Paris. We rembered him with a comment by the bosnian writer Božidar Stanišić: "Kiš's work has survived the hyper-production of pseudo-literature, it belongs to the library of the world, it has resisted the most terrible challenges of the 21st century, especially the relativisation of the concept of art and the dominance of technology and social media."


We, women

For 3 years the W.O.M.E.N project has supported groups of women in mountain areas of northern Albania. It has helped them implement their entrepreneurial ideas, it has given them a future of hope

Latest News

Rijeka, when history goes public

Marco Abram

Combining scientific research, dissemination, and participation; telling the story of Rijeka in multiple languages. These are the objectives of an international project of which OBCT is a partner, in view of Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020

The slogans of '89 have been appropriated by neonazis

Paola Rosà

OBCT is among the founders of ECPMF, a media freedom centre based in Leipzig – just where the demonstrations that would lead to the collapse of the Wall started in October 1989. Thirty years later, one of the slogans of that revolutionary autumn has become an angry claim on the electoral posters of the far-right AfD party

Croatia, presidential elections coming up

Giovanni Vale

The elections for President of Croatia will be held on December 22nd, with the likely runoff scheduled on January 5th, 2020. The favourites are outgoing president Grabar-Kitarović and former prime minister and former leader of the Social Democrats Zoran Milanović

Chechnya, the strange case of Islam Kadyrov

Marat Iliyasov

An unexpected tv report puts shame on Islam Kadyrov, a disgraced grandson of President Ramzan and former mayor of Grozny. The news quickly spread throughout the social media, leading users to guess what happened behind the curtains

End Violence Against Children: who has heard of INSPIRE strategies in South Eastern Europe and the Caucasus?

Roxana Todea, Cristina Rigman

According to the World Health Organisation, the seven INSPIRE strategies are the most effective in reducing violence against children. ChildPact and its members surveyed 296 child focused organisations and institutions across South-Eastern Europe and the Caucasus to find out who's working on the INSPIRE package

Political theatre in Kosovo: a fight on many fronts

Valentina Vivona

An interview to playwright Jeton Neziraj on the power of political theatre, on Kosovo-Serbia relations, on the recent EU enlargement veto, and much more