Newsletter Nr. 01/2021


Farewell Dragan

Dragan Janjić passed away on the night between 30 and 31 December. Journalist, bulwark of independent media, founder and editor-in-chief of the Beta agency, former deputy editor-in-chief of the Politika newspaper, vice-president of the Association of Independent Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) and, since 2013, correspondent for OBC Transeuropa.

Over the last few years we have worked together, discussed issues and events, shared our views on critical situations. Last spring, during the lockdown, we spent evenings exchanging information and impressions on what was happening. He always had a good word, a smile, a piece of advice to share.

We will miss you, Dragane. Serbia and the world of media will miss your voice, your comments, your stinging tweets. You left suddenly, leaving everyone breathless. You will be remembered for your fight for freedom of expression, for a world more just and more respectful of human rights. We will remember you as a sincere and honest friend, a valuable colleague, and a keen analyst. Farewell Dragan.

Latest News

Cyprus: halloumi diplomacy

Mary Drosopoulos

In Cyprus, cooperating across the lines that divide Greeks and Turks is always complicated. Also thanks to EU intervention, however, halloumi cheese – one of the symbols of the island – is once again a heritage shared by the two communities

North Macedonia: EU membership remains a never-ending challenge

Aleksandar Samardjiev

After accepting the compromise proposed by France, North Macedonia has opened EU accession negotiations. To make progress, however, it will be necessary to change the constitution and overcome the opposition of neighbouring Bulgaria

Economy and morality on the long way towards reconciliation in Cyprus

Mary Drosopoulos

First the pandemic, now the price crisis have been increasingly pushing the Greek and Turkish communities of Cyprus to cross the de facto boundaries that divide them and to interact, despite the persistence of prejudices and mutual distrust. A reportage from the island

Slovenia: shaping the future sustainability of mountain areas

Gentiola Madhi

Cohesion funds can generate a new momentum for the development of mountain areas in Slovenia. Two out of five policy objectives in force until 2027 provide an important financial stimulus to improve public services and life quality of local communities, while preserving nature

Croatia, Peljesac bridge open to traffic

Since Tuesday 26 July, the Peljesac bridge is officially open to traffic. The impressive infrastructure connects Croatia without passing through the coastal border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, along the Neum corridor

Serbia, more violence against protesters

Antonela Riha

The recent events in Novi Sad, where a citizens' protest against the application of the new Master Plan was severely repressed by the police and private guards, confirmed the tendency of Vucic's regime to use violence to suppress dissent