Bulgaria, in the streets against violence against women


Last Monday, under the motto #YouAreNotAlone (# НеСиСама), hundreds of people demonstrated in the centre of Sofia against violence against women, demanding effective action from the institutions

Rivers of the Balkans: the siege


Thousands of dams are planned for the rivers and streams of south-eastern Europe, and their environmental and social impact could prove devastating

Eastern Europe: Poverty and the countryside


In contrast with other parts of the continent, life in rural areas in Eastern Europe is synonymous with poverty. The problem should be tackled during the current debate on the reform of the common agricultural policy, with particular emphasis on young people

Marshal Tito and Vallarsa


The Vallarsa Valley extends for about 20 kilometers in northwest-southeast direction between the town of Rovereto and Pian delle Fugazze, in Trentino. Is it the origin of Tito's family?

Bulgaria: truth and justice for Viktoria Marinova


Yelling "Corruption kills!" hundreds of people took to the streets in Bulgaria asking for truth and justice for Viktoria Marinova, TV host brutally killed on October 6, 2018

Albania: save the Valbona valley


The Valbona valley in the Albanian Alps is an area of immense beauty. The valley is formed by the crystal clear waters of the Valbona river. But the river is set to be destroyed by three hydropower plants under construction, irreversibly damaging the unique ecosystem of this national park and the potential for sustainable development in the region. The people of Valbona have said NO to destructive hydropower

Croatia five years after joining the EU


On July 1, 2013 Croatia officially became a member of the European Union. What has changed in the country since accession? In this short video, we look at some aspects of the society and economy of the country.

The numbers of the Eu enlargement


The EU-Western Balkans summit, held on May 17 in Sofia, was conceived to restore momentum to the European perspective of the region. But what are the cultural, institutional and economic relations that already link the member countries and those of the Western Balkans? This video, realized within the EDJNet project, presents some figures on the flows to and from the countries of the region.

Hard and soft power struggles in the Balkans


Is the Balkan-EU integration still possible under the current narrative? An interview to Luisa Chiodi, following her lecture "Hard and soft power struggles in the Balkans" held on March 12, 2018 at the Bologna Institute for Policy Research at SAIS Europe

The EDJNet presented to the European Parliament


On Tuesday January 23, 2018 Chiara Sighele, project manager at OBCT/CCI, presented the European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet) to the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education.