European bees


There are almost 2000 species of bees in Europe, and at least 9% of them are threatened. What can be done by the EU institutions? A video produced within EDJNet. After Effects graphics by Denise Basano.

Equality bodies in Europe


Equality bodies are national institutions that tackle discrimination in society. Building on Equinet data, we have developed for EDJNet an Index to assess their effectiveness.

You have a choice! How to prevent radicalization in the North Caucasus


The cartoon “You have a choice! How to prevent radicalization in the North Caucasus” uses simple examples to explain how young people fall under the influence of violent extremists and what should be done to prevent radicalization. From our partner Caucasian Knot

Salina's dream


"I want to become a veterinarian!" Salina has clear ideas, she knows what her dream is: to achieve it, she is not afraid to challenge the stereotypes that still mark the Albanian society and can count on a school that, starting from the concreteness of earth, aims straight to the future

The return


Gjimi left his mountains as a boy, along with his parents. But both in Tirana and away from Albania he has only found hard work and exploitation. And he decided, with courage, to return to his homeland

The last ones: Serbian and Russian prisoners on the Alpine front


A workshop to write new Wikipedia articles and a visit to a place to find lost memory. OBC Transeuropa conducted a project on Serbian and Russian prisoners of war on the Alpine front during the First World War

Ana E. Juncos, EU Foreign Policy and Resilience


The word resilience in recent years has become increasingly popular in the European Union. What does it mean and what are its implications? An interview with Garcia Ana Elisa Juncos, from the University of Bristol

We, women


For 3 years the W.O.M.E.N project has supported groups of women in mountain areas of northern Albania. It has helped them implement their entrepreneurial ideas, it has given them a future of hope

CPDP Conference: Data protection and democracy


Disinformation online and how it can be addressed is an issue that governments around the world are presently grappling with. The panel: "Disinformation and online advertising: do we need to rethink the Internet’s business model?"

The EU expat vote in the European elections


EU citizens living in a member state other than their country of origin represent more than 3% of the European electorate. In previous European elections, the majority of these citizens did not vote. Will they vote this time round?