Generation '89

They have no memory of communism and Ceausescu. They were too young to remember, or were not born yet. They are the Generation '89, they look towards the future, they want to change Romania. A videoreportage by Francesco Martino and Davide Sighele

The first president

Philosopher, dissident, politician. Zhelyu Zhelev has been the first Bulgarian president democratically elected after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A videointerview [Bulgaria, 2009]

An Azeri village in Georgia

Our correspondents from Baku and Yerevan, Arzu Geybullayeva and Onnik Krikorian, visited an ethnic Azeri village in Karajala, eastern Georgia. A photo-reportage

Obama and the Balkans

The election of Barack Obama has created great expectations at global level. But the Bulgarian political analist Ivan Krastev underlines that the Balkans will not be his priority. A video interview

Zastava Planet

The story of the Zastava factory, once the biggest car producer in the Balkans, from Yugoslavia to post Yugoslavia, from the Nato bombings to a renewed trade with the U.S. Of weapons.

A documentary movie by Andrea Rossini [Serbia, 2005]