Good morning Pančevo


One of the most polluted cities in Europe, home of a large industrial district during Socialist Yugoslavia, Pančevo suffered the devastating consequences of the NATO bombings of 1999. It is now slowly rising up. A video-report

Land of blue gold

07/05/2013 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini

Bosnia Herzegovina is one of the European countries with the richest water resources. Projects to build a series of hydroelectric power stations in Republika Srpska, however, are endangering a delicate environmental balance. Report

Belgrade and its street children

10/04/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

There are more and more children living and working on the streets of Belgrade. The institutions are having a hard time dealing with the phenomenon. A temporary daycare center that has become a model for the whole region, the Svratište, recently risked shutting down

Ajvar, son of the sun

03/04/2013 -  Francesco Martino Brestovac

In the region of Leskovac, in Southern Serbia, growing peppers is an art refined over the centuries. The “ajvar” is a fragrant pepper paste that comes with soft cheeses and pork meat. Our report

Pančevo, dead town

13/12/2012 -  Nicole Corritore

Pančevo has for years been the most polluted town in South East Europe. The Nato bombings in 1999 made the situation even worse. Our report

The road home

16/11/2012 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini

In April 2013 the first census of the population since the war years will take place in Bosnia Herzegovina. Official data say that over a million refugees and displaced persons have returned home after the ethnic cleansing of the '90s. The real picture of the country, however, seems a lot different. Our report

Dying of pollution in Zenica

05/11/2012 -  Esad Hećimović Zenica

In the industrial district of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the number of tumours have increased alarmingly over the last ten years. The eyes are on local industries and especially the historic steel factory now privatized. Our report

Elbasan, the polluted city

08/11/2012 -  Marjola Rukaj

The Chinese built it, the collapse of the Berlin Wall marked its end. The huge metallurgical plant in Elbasan still looms on those who live nearby. A report from Albania's most polluted city

The crushed salt – Ivo Danchev

A journey to Kratovo, Macedonia. The ancient ritual of the crushing of the salt, bringing together the mountain sweetness and the Aegean Sea. Photographs by Ivo Danchev, text by Francesco Martino

Albania: the boom of private schools

02/10/2012 -  Marjola Rukaj

Private schools of all levels have flourished over the last ten years. A report about a failing public system, teachers struggling with the laws of the free market, and families struggling with their wallets