Articles by Tanya Mangalakova

Islam in Bulgaria, competing generations

05/01/2011 -  Tanya Mangalakova Sofia

For the last 13 years, Bulgaria's Islamic community has been split by competing leaderships. However, the fight for control of the General Council of the Muftis – the representative body of Islam in Bulgaria – is not only a clash between factions but also between old and new generations

Bulgaria: Euro-Nomads

19/08/2010 -  Tanya Mangalakova Sofia

They make the most of electronic communication and low-cost flights. They live inbetween the “here” of their country of origin, and the “there” of the one they have chosen to work in. They use multiple identities. They are the “Euro-nomads”, a group on the constant rise, even in Bulgaria

Bulgarian cinema: Mission London

12/05/2010 -  Tanya Mangalakova Sofia

For the Western viewer, a well-acted comedy; for the Bulgarian audience, crazy laughs as well as disillusionment for the broken dreams of transition and an elite that turned out to be dishonest and useless. Now in cinemas, Mission London, from Alek Popov's best-seller

Like a house of cards: Zhelyu Zhelev and the Bulgarian 1989

10/11/2009 -  Tanya MangalakovaFrancesco Martino Sofia

On November 10th, 1989, Bulgaria sees the end of Zhivkov and the single party. The events of that year, the ethnic question, and the attempts at lustration in an interview with Zhelyu Zhelev, philosopher and dissident in the years of the regime and first democratically elected president after the fall of the Berlin Wall.