Articles by Marat Iliyasov

Chechnya, the strange case of Islam Kadyrov

13/11/2019 -  Marat Iliyasov

An unexpected tv report puts shame on Islam Kadyrov, a disgraced grandson of President Ramzan and former mayor of Grozny. The news quickly spread throughout the social media, leading users to guess what happened behind the curtains

Ingushetia fears outbreaks of violence

17/04/2019 -  Marat Iliyasov

The small republic of Ingushetia lives in a tinderbox. There are serious concerns in the region that tensions related to contested border issues and potential unification with neighbouring Chechnya may escalate and lead to violence

Chechnya: taxis, Islam and independence

13/03/2019 -  Marat Iliyasov

Soon the Chechen women will be able to take taxis driven by women and only for women. An initiative sponsored by an Arab investment fund that caused very different reactions

Chechen demographic rise: reasons and concerns

10/01/2019 -  Marat Iliyasov

Why are birth rates much higher than the Russian average in Chechnya and in other North Caucasus republics?

Chechnya-Ingushetia: a border change fuels new tensions

31/10/2018 -  Marat Iliyasov

An unusual wave of protest has rocked Ingushetia. Changes in the administrative borders between Chechnya and Ingushetia sparked the mobilisation. Lack of dialogue and Ingush fears of having their republic merged with Chechnya kept them going