Articles by Fabrizio Polacco

Osman Taka, the warrior who enchanted his enemies

20/08/2018 -  Fabrizio Polacco

Osman Taka, a young warrior who saves himself from a death sentence conquering the soul of his enemies with the beauty of his dance. A legendary tale from Epirus, on the border between Albania and Greece

The Harpies' islands and the lord of the sea

11/01/2018 -  Fabrizio Polacco

An exceptional trip to the Strofades islands, regarded as home to the mythical Harpies, and the breathtaking beauty of an ancient hermitage that risks disappearing

Durres, the Albanian port

07/06/2016 -  Fabrizio Polacco

A walk through the streets of old Durres, where past and present are inextricably entwined

Gla, the island that is no more

30/07/2014 -  Fabrizio Polacco

A journey in Boeotia, the land of Pindar, Dionysus, Heracles, and the Muses. Few tourists frequent this plain, between Athens and Delphi. Yet, every two or three miles, you can spot the remains of a once powerful polis, a sacred temple, a legendary fortress

The crossroads of Oedipus and the present Greek dilemma

06/09/2013 -  Fabrizio Polacco

Where Oedipus killed his father Laius, the roads from Thebes, Delphi and Daulis meet. At that abandoned crossroads, in a Greece overwhelmed by an economic crisis, today Europe may find its way again

United we stand

22/08/2013 -  Fabrizio Polacco

Wrestling could be banned from the 2020 Olympic Games program. The entire family of the Balkan, Caucasian, and Central Asian states has teamed up against the decision

The Trabzon wisdom

27/05/2013 -  Fabrizio Polacco

Trabzon is a millennial hub of trade and passage. Within its maze of streets stands the church of Aghia Sophia, whose fate is currently at stake as that of its more famous namesake in Istanbul

The Via Egnatia: bridges and walls between East and West

16/12/2011 -  Fabrizio Polacco

States and Empires on the rise or at the height of their power build roads and bridges, while when in decline or in danger they raise walls and barriers. A journey along the ancient Via Egnatia which connected Italy with ancient Greece, continues as far as Byzantium and now gives its name to a motorway