23 October 2015

OBC, in cooperation with Jean Monnet Centre of excellence - University of Trento, School of International Studies - University of Trento, Research Project on International Policies and Conflicts (CeRPIC - FBK), Forum trentino per la Pace e i Diritti Umani, Training Centre for International Cooperation, European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), La rivista il Mulino, promotes, next 21st November, an International conference to celebrate its 15th anniversary

The international conference aims at bringing the Balkans, Turkey and the wider post-Soviet space, from Ukraine to the Caucasus, back in the spotlight, fostering public debate on the relevance of the latest developments in these countries and regions for the state of today's Europe overall.

The exodus of refugees along the “Balkan route”, armed conflicts and international interventions, threats to the freedom of information: two plenary sessions and three parallel workshops will allow citizens to engage in a dialogue with scholars, politicians, journalists, international officers and practitioners from many European countries.

Several questions are up to debate, with a common thread: what can possibly be the contribution of civil society networks in overcoming the complex challenges that Europe is facing?


Rovereto, 21st of November



14:30 – Welcome address [MART - Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, corso Bettini 43]
- Francesco Valduga, Mayor of Rovereto 
- Sara Ferrari, Provincial Minister for University and research, youth policy, equal opportunities and development
- Luisa Chiodi, Scientific Director of Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

15:00 - Lectio Magistralis / Opening Speech
- Sen. Prof. Francesco Palermo, President of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe

15:30 – Parallel Workshops  [Room 12, 13 e 14 - Department of Psycology and Cognitive Sciences, corso Bettini 84]

25 years after the end of the Cold War, walls and barbed wires cannot be an answer to the humanitarian emergency of the refugees crossing South East Europe to escape from the Middle East conflicts. What can Europe do?

Position paper: Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Discussants: Marco Brunazzo, professor, University of Trento; Jovan Teokarević, professor, University of Belgrade; Jacopo Zanchini, Deputy Director, Internazionale; Carlotta Sami*, UNCHR; Gian Matteo Apuzzo, advisor on international project, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia; Agostino Zanotti, president, Associazione ADL a Zavidovići; Stefano Lusa, Radio Capodistria.

Rapporteur: Bruno Simili, Deputy Director, La rivista Il Mulino

From instability in Turkey to the conflict in Ukraine. How did Europe intervene in the past, and what did the EU learn from its experience in the Balkans?

Position paper: Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Discussants: Roberto Belloni, professor, University of Trento; Jens Woelk, professor, University of Trento; Paolo Bergamaschi, Foreign Affair Advisor, European Parliament; Jelena Dzankic, senior researcher, European University Institute, Fazıla Mat, OBC correspondent from Turkey; Paolo Calzini, professor, Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center; Mario Zucconi, professor, University of Princeton; Giorgio Comai, Dublin City University; Michele Chiaruzzi, FBK-CeRPIC; Andrea Lorenzo Capussela, EU policy advisor;

Rapporteur: Gianni Bonvicini, Deputy President, Istituto Affari Internazionali

Media freedom and pluralism are a fundamental pillar of democracy. Yet, they are regularly threatened not only in the Enlargement countries but also in the old member states. The current challenges and the need for common rules at the European level.

Position paper: Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Discussants: Evren Gönül, coordinator, Independent Communication Network BIA (Turkey); Mihailo Jovović, chief editor, Vijesti (Montenegro); Stoyana Georgieva, editor in chief, Mediapool (Bulgaria); Ana Kuzmanić, journalist, H-Alter (Croatia); Maja Hadžiosmanović Popović, editor, Mediacentar Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina); Suzanne Vanderzande, DG Connect, European Commission; Carlo Ruzza, professor University of Trento; Andris Kesteris*, Advisor on Civil society and Media, DG NEAR, European Commission.

Rapporteur:  Dunja Mijatović*, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media

17:30 – Final Round Table [MART - Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, corso Bettini 43]

Rapporteurs: Dunja Mijatović*, Bruno Simili, Gianni Bonvicini

Chair and closing remarks: On. Prof. Ennio Grassi, essayst, former MP and diplomatic advisor


From 20.30 onward - Birthday party "Que viva OBC!"

Music, literature and much more to celebrate OBC’s 15th anniversary together with our great community.

In the next days, all details will follow!




Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso