Durmitor Park, Colorado of Europe

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11 August 2022

Durmitor National Park is located in the northwestern part of Montenegro, bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina. Opened in 1952, it includes the massif of the same name. In 1977 the area and the long gorge of the Tara river, which winds through the park, were designated as a UNESCO biological reserve, while in 1980 the park was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Photos from © Shutterstock by: Aleksei Kazachok , Andrew Mayovskyy , saiko3p , Selina Irina , marketa1982 , Mike_O , Sergey Lyashenko

The park covers about 32,000 hectares and includes the territory of the municipalities of Zabljak, Savnik, Pluzine, Pljevlja, and Mojkovac. Set between the peaks of the massif, above 1500 metres there are 18 lakes including the Crno jezero (Black Lake).

The Tara River Gorge is 80 kilometres long. For its beauty, as well as for being the second longest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon (USA), it is also called the "Colorado of Europe".

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