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15/02/2019 - 
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12/02/2019 - 

Rome, May 14th, 2019. Policy workshop: Election at the time of social media. European elections, disinformation and micro-targeting: which actions?

"Fake news" or disinformation is one of the most pressing issues of our times. Building on the materials of the Resource Centre on Press and Media Freedom in Europe, OBCT devoted its latest special dossier to this topic

Media Freedom in Turkey

31/01/2019 - 

The attempted coup of July 2016 represented an unprecedented turning point for Turkey's media albeit an already problematic background. The special dossier "Media Freedom In Turkey" explores the dire situation created after the coup, presenting both the difficulties as well as the efforts to pursue quality journalism and solidarity actions.The dossier "Media Freedom in Turkey" is the seventh of a series of thematic itineraries that illustrate the most compelling issues related to media freedom in Europe through a selection of the Resource Centre on Media Freedom contents.

Balkans, the air pollution crisis

16/01/2019 - 

Balkan cities are among those with the most polluted air in Europe. The issue is aggravated by the slow reaction of the institutions. A dossier by OBCT