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Rossella Vignola - fund-raising and wikimedia

MA Degree in International and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus and post-graduate specialization on European funding and project design at the Venice International University. She joined OBC in 2014 in the frame of a 6-month traineeship financed by the European Social Fund. After an internship at the European Citizens Action Service in Brussels where she worked on digital democracy and participation at the EU level, she came back to OBC where she is fundraiser and project assistant. From May 2016 to April 2017 she is Wikipedia curator within the project "European Centre for Press and Media Freedom".

Articles by Rossella Vignola

Wiki4MediaFreedom in 10 points

16/11/2016 -  Rossella Vignola

On November 21st, OBC Transeuropa organises in Belgrade a writing marathon of Wikipedia entries on press freedom. The initiative is part of a larger project – here it is, in 10 points

New Forms of Censorship in Serbia

06/03/2014 -  Rossella Vignola

Attempts at media reform in Serbia appear to have run aground. International organizations are denouncing a number of abridgments of press freedoms within the country, which are slowly amounting to a new form of control