Articles by Massimo Moratti

Refugees and Belgrade Waterfront

30/05/2017 -  Massimo Moratti Belgrado

On May 11th, the barracks behind the Belgrade railway station, where hundreds of refugees stayed while stranded on the Balkan route, were abruptly cleared and demolished. An overview

Bosnia Herzegovina according to Eldin

13/09/2016 -  Massimo Moratti

As the electoral campaign unfolds in Bosnia Herzegovina, so does nationalist rhetoric, reviving the idea of conflict. But what is war? In a post on Facebook, Eldin Kurbašić explains it

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in a coma

19/11/2012 -  Massimo Moratti

Bosnia and Herzegovina is today an ungovernable country where institutions are blocked, power is shared at the citizens' expenses, and democracy itself is in danger. The view of journalist and political analyst Almir Terzić

The missed record of Bosnia Herzegovina

19/01/2012 -  Massimo Moratti

Side notes to the agreement that allowed for the formation of a new government in Bosnia. The role of the High Representative, the position of the social-democratic party and the true dividing lines crossing Bosnian society

Bijela,the hidden canyon

12/12/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Discover one of Bosnia Herzegovina's less acclaimed treasures: a canyon carved out of the River Bijela, a gem which is not so easy to find as you need to embark on a real “journey to the centre of the earth” to see it. In the footsteps of Jules Verne

Istria's red soils: Mountain bike routes

05/12/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Mountain biking routes stretching for hundreds of kilometres, going coast to coast, passing through vineyards, olive groves and cultivations on red soils. Enjoy the ride

Martin, responsible cyclist

05/12/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Martin Čotar is a former professional cyclist. Since throwing in the towel he has continued to follow the cycling world, in further developing Istria's potential in cycle tourism

Rugova Valley's Heart of Stone

29/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

The Rugova Valley in Kosovo is an ideal place for outdoor activities, especially free climbing. It starts a few kilometres from the city of Peja/Peć , in Western Kosovo. Massimo Moratti has been trying out the “Spiders' Beach” routes

The Rugova Valley Wardens

29/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Mustafa provides the accommodation, Agim is the guide. Both strongly believe that the Rugova Valley has all the right credentials to soon become an exceptional destination in Kosovo for outdoor activity tourism

Pale: more than just skiing

24/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

In tourism Pale and the mountain of Jahorina are best known as one of the main skiing destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, once the snow melts, this area offers many other attractions, one without doubt being Mount Romanija

“Gafa”, the gentleman of the peaks

24/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti Sarajevo

Muhammed Gafić is one of the most famous Bosnian mountaineers of all time. His long journey began from the Mountain of Romanija, near Sarajevo

The Rakitnica Canyon

17/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Once down there's no going back, you must go on. The canyon formed by the River Rakitnica can be ridden, but only in the company of an expert guide. A plunge into the waters and unspoilt nature of Bosnia

Dinno Kassalo: filming nature

17/11/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

Dinno Kassalo is a Bosnian documentary film-maker who has produced many works on wildlife in Bosnia Herzegovina. Together with a team of mountaineers, in 2000 he made “Expedition Rakitnica”, the first film ever to be shot inside the Rakitnica canyon. Our interview

Big Mac vs. ćevapi

29/07/2011 -  Massimo Moratti

After a long series of attempts, the first McDonald’s of Bosnia and Herzegovina opens in Sarajevo. What follows are the declarations from the American Ambassador, the reactions from Sarajevans and the welcome by the ćevapčići chain “Mrkva

Ivica Osim, the Yugoslav

24/06/2011 -  Massimo Moratti Sarajevo

A sport’s legend is able to solve the Bosnian soccer crisis, banned from international competitions because incapable of electing just one President for its football federation rather than three. An injection full of trust that could contaminate its politics