Marco Ranocchiari | 10 May 2022

Scientific research and good practices. These are the two main elements that for some years have brought together researchers and volunteers from Italy, Spain, Greece, Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia in the fight to safeguard the protected natural areas of the Mediterranean from plastics

Forced labour at the front: Russian, Serbian, and Romanian prisoners

Thousands of prisoners of war - mainly Russians, but also Serbs and Romanians - were employed in Tyrol during the First World War. A photo gallery by Marco Abram, OBC Transeuropa researcher

Sons of a lost Empire

The 23rd of May 1915 Italy declares war to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Along the Soca Valley and in the Karst region twelve bloody battles take place, tens of thousands of soldiers of the Empire die. Those men now rest in over forty war cemeteries, forgotten to most

Mediafreedom ECPMF

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