Media freedom, independence, and pluralism are fundamental pillars of European democracies. Freedom of speech and journalists' safety is crucial for countries such as Albania and Serbia that aspire to join the EU. Thanks to the cooperation with two local partners, this project intends to contribute to creating a network of Balkan, Italian, and European actors engaged in effective advocacy to protect media freedom in the EU and the two countries involved in the integration process.

Various indices and monitoring tools on media freedom in the Balkan region point to a worrying situation, characterized by increasing control exercised by power groups promoting anti-European agendas, fragile media independence due to difficulties in accessing public/private funds, episodes of political interference, and violence against journalists.
Through the exchange of experiences and cooperation in advocacy work, OBCT and its two partners - the Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia (IJAS) and the Centre Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV) in Albania - will elaborate two shadow report on the accession negotiations concerning the media sector in the two candidate countries, to strengthen the involvement of civil society in the EU accession process focusing on the nexus between media and democracy.


INTERVIEW Albania: freedom of the press crushed by the weight of politics

Luisa Chiodi | 28/6/2024

Almost non-existent professional ethics, capture of the media by politics and financial unsustainability are just some of the main issues that make the Albanian media landscape particularly alarming. An interview

INTERVIEW Serbia: media independence is an exception rather than the rule

Serena Epis | 13/6/2024

Increasing political and financial pressure threatens the independence and editorial autonomy of many media outlets in Serbia. We interviewed Irina Milutinović, Senior Research Associate at the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade and co-author of the Country Report on Serbia of the Media Pluralism Monitor 2023 

Workshop on Advocacy and Freedom of Information


As part of the ATLIB project, OBCT organizes a workshop on advocacy and freedom of information with stakeholders from Albania, Italy and Serbia

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