Due to climate change, large forest fires are becoming an increasingly serious threat in many regions of Europe. The multi-year project FIRE-RES – an acronym that stands for "Innovative technologies and socio-ecological-economic solutions for fire resilient territories in Europe" aims to develop and disseminate effective solutions to prevent and manage fires of extreme magnitude, intervening on many levels and in different phases. It is co-financed by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme and is coordinated by the Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia; 34 organisations from 13 countries participate, including OBC Transeuropa. In addition to journalistic content, OBCT contributes with dissemination, training, and awareness-raising campaigns, thanks to its growing experience in the field of communication of scientific research and journalism on environmental issues.


WILDFIRES Fires in Greece: if migrants become scapegoats

Alexandroupolis | Mary Drosopoulos | 11/1/2024

The Greek region of Evros, devastated by fires last summer, is also the external border of the EU: there is a strong temptation to blame the fires on the migrants who cross it. Experts, however, point out the responsibilities of the Greek institutions

WILDFIRES Preventing and managing extreme wildfires in Greece via the FIRE-RES project

Mary Drosopoulos | 30/10/2023

The region of Kassandra, Halkidiki, is one of the fire-prone areas in Greece. In the aftermath of the extreme weather phenomena that hit the country in the last months, a holistic approach involving prevention and civic education is now seen as necessary

ENVIRONMENT North Macedonia: limited resources for managing natural park fires

Marco Ranocchiari | 11/10/2023

North Macedonia’s protected areas are of great ecological importance, but are increasingly exposed to the risk – among others – of fire. While political fragmentation and a shortage of personnel and resources pose considerable challenges, there has been significant progress. A report from the Šar Mountains National Park

ENVIRONMENT Ukraine's wildfires surge amidst war

Marilen Martin | 7/8/2023

Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine led to a surge in forest and rural fires across the country. Combating them is all the more difficult amidst the war that binds all resources and unexploded mines that contaminate the territory

INTERVIEW In Croatia, firefighters brace for climate change

Zagreb | Chiara Marchesini | 27/7/2023

Among the effects of climate change are so-called extreme wildfires. In Croatia, large fires in open spaces present a particular problem. We met with the Croatian Association of Firefighters to find out how they are facing up to new challenges

ENVIRONMENT Croatia shows how to deal with the worst wildfires

Zagreb | Chiara Marchesini | 5/7/2023

Last year Croatia’s coastal region was hit by an intense wave of forest fires, one of the worst in recent years. But the country has been gearing up to cope – partly thanks to EU funding.