Ten years after the massacre of July 1995, this is the story of the town that has become a symbol of ethnic cleansing and racist violence in Europe. The documentary brings the viewer from Tuzla - where women fight for the investigation of their loved ones' disappearance, through Potočari - former headquarter of international peace forces, and all the way to Srebrenica. Going back and forth between present times, history, and memory, parallel narratives unfold, surrounded by a sense of alienation, in the heart of a town where the conflict does not yet seem to have found an end. “After Srebrenica” was filmed thanks to the support of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

02/02/2010 - 

Director: Andrea Rossini
 Cinematography: Moira Della Fiore
 Interviews:Luka Zanoni, Andrea Rossini
 Editing: Andrea Rossini, Moira Della Fiore, Maurizio Pasetti
 Sound; Post-production sound: Carlo Dall'Asta
 Music: Echidna
 Production: Osservatorio sui Balcani - ITA, 2005
 Running time: 33' PAL
 Languages: Italian; English; Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
 Subtitles: Italian; English; Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
 Format: DVD box set
 Note: includes the documentary "Europa, Srebrenica" by Andrea Rossini (1999) and a booklet with a time-line of the events in Srebrenica sourced from "La guerra in casa" by Luca Rastello (editor: Einaudi, 1998)
 Acknowledgments: Second prize at Tekfestival DOC 2006, Rome; Honorable mention at the Bianco Film Festival, 2006, Perugia; Final selection of the eleventh edition of the Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Méditerranéen, Marseilles