Articles by Onnik James Krikorian

Baku insists on Constitutional change for Armenia peace accord

02/07/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian Yerevan

The dispute over the modifications to the Armenian Constitution requested by Azerbaijan continues to hinder the normalization of relations between the two countries and the achievement of peace agreements

Armenia, church and state battle it out at Sardarapat

31/05/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Though protests against border delimitation and demarcation had started to wane in recent weeks, smaller acts of civil disobedience this week might well have rejuvenated the movement led by a renegade archbishop calling for the Prime Minister’s resignation

Armenia, Pashinyan hails border delimitation as protests set to continue

21/05/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Following a landmark decision by Yerevan and Baku to delimit part of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, efforts towards an agreement to normalise relations move forward despite anti-Pashinyan protests in Yerevan

Armenia, clergy-led protests in Yerevan call for Pashinyan's resignation

14/05/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Between 20 and 30 thousand demonstrators, led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, protested in the Armenian capital to oppose the current demarcation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan, following the Nagorno Karabakh war, and to demand the resignation of the prime minister

Armenia pushes ahead with demarcation, Azerbaijani village return

29/04/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Armenia moves forward with the demarcation and restitution of Azerbaijani villages. Despite the exultation of the leaders of the respective countries for a closer peace, the ongoing process is certainly not without problems

Yerevan’s tilt westwards

09/04/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Yerevan’s tilt westwards has not been without problems, it faces economic diversification efforts and geopolitical complexities

Security concerns mount amid Armenia-Azerbaijan border talks

03/04/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Following a recent live interview, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has hinted that the long and difficult process of border demarcation with Azerbaijan could potentially be ready to start. There are other signs, however, that the process carries with it substantial risks both regionally and domestically

Armenia, one step closer to the EU

21/03/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

European Parliament resolution highlights Armenia’s growing relationship with the EU, but many questions remain

European Union Mission in Armenia Marks First Anniversary

29/02/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

For a year, the European Union Mission in Armenia (EUMA) has been deployed on the border with Azerbaijan, which it patrols regularly: a measure considered necessary by Yerevan - which fears a new conflict - but viewed with suspicion by Baku

Armenia, Pashinyan pushes for new constitution, opposition screams foul

15/02/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan plans to change the country's constitution. According to some, any new constitution is linked to a potential peace agreement with Azerbaijan. The opposition, however, stands firm and screams foul

Armenia and Azerbaijan slow motion negotiations

05/02/2024 -  Onnik James Krikorian

The attempts of Armenia and Azerbaijan to normalize their bilateral relations after the Azerbaijani conquest of Nagorno Karabakh continue in an anemic and controversial manner. A process that could lead Yerevan to change its constitution

Azerbaijan, tackling the problem of landmines and unexploded ordnance

27/12/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

The regions around Nagorno Karabakh are contaminated with thousands of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO). An urgent matter, but demining takes a long time

Georgia celebrates EU candidate status

19/12/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian Tbilisi

On December 14, the European Council granted EU candidate status to Georgia. An important step, celebrated the following day in the capital Tbilisi, both by the authorities and the population. However, the path towards the EU still remains ahead

Armenia and Azerbaijan, a rare declaration rekindles hopes for peace

12/12/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Armenia and Azerbaijan issued a late-night joint statement that surprised even the most seasoned of commentators. Though it remains unclear whether this could be a long-awaited breakthrough in negotiations, the international community was united in welcoming the move

Armenia and Azerbaijan, border commissions meet amid stalemate

01/12/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

As negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to have stalled, border commissions from both sides met on 30 November. However, it remains unclear whether the meeting was nothing more than symbolic

Georgia, the final hurdle to EU candidate status

14/11/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian Tbilisi

Last week’s decision by the European Commission to recommend Georgia receive European Union candidate status caught many by surprise. While most Georgians celebrate, the road ahead remains long and difficult

Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian Prime Ministers address Tbilisi Silk Road Forum

03/11/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

In recent days, Georgia once again hosted the Tbilisi Silk Road Forum, an event with an economic focus. What is new this year is that for the first time an Armenian leader spoke at such a high-level event in Tbilisi, and high-level officials from all three South Caucasus countries were also on the same stage

Brussels Armenia-Azerbaijan Talks Canceled As Regional Meetings Kick Off

27/10/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

After the meeting between the two Caucasian leaders at the Granada summit on 5 October fell through, there has been no other EU-facilitated meeting. To the surprise of many, however, regional talks began in Georgia and Iran. Brussels does not give up and pushes for a meeting between Aliyev, Pashinyan and Michel

3MesiDi: Nagorno Karabakh

25/10/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

Dopo un attacco armato da parte dell’Azerbaijan, lo scorso settembre si è dissolta l’Autoproclamata Repubblica internazionale del Nagorno Karabakh. Gli ultimi tre mesi sono stati i più cruciali nella sua breve storia


Hopes Dashed for Armenia-Azerbaijan Meeting in Granada

09/10/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

No meeting between the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan at the Granada summit on 5 October. After the use of arms by the Azerbaijani side, which decreed the end of Nagorno Karabakh as an autonomous entity, various questions still remain open