Articles by Hazel Antaramian Hofman

Journey to Soviet Armenia, port stop in war-torn Naples

14/03/2013 -  Hazel Antaramian Hofman

A group of 162 American-Armenians on a journey form New York towards Armenia in 1949 stops in the port of war-torn Naples. Women and men who soon afterwards would be living in Stalin's USSR are astonished by the misery they see in post war Italy

From James Dean to Stalin: the tragedy of the Armenian repatriation

17/08/2012 -  Hazel Antaramian Hofman

As a young child, she always wondered why she lived in Yerevan when her father was born in the U.S. and her mother was from Lyon. Then she understood. With an historical-artistic project, Hazel Antaramian Hofman follows the footprints of those people, who, from all over the world, decided to migrate to Armenia after the Second World War