Articles by Chiara Marchesini

In Croatia, firefighters brace for climate change

27/07/2023 -  Chiara Marchesini Zagreb

Among the effects of climate change are so-called extreme wildfires. In Croatia, large fires in open spaces present a particular problem. We met with the Croatian Association of Firefighters to find out how they are facing up to new challenges

Croatia shows how to deal with the worst wildfires

05/07/2023 -  Chiara Marchesini Zagreb

Last year Croatia’s coastal region was hit by an intense wave of forest fires, one of the worst in recent years. But the country has been gearing up to cope – partly thanks to EU funding.

La nascita del turismo ad Abbazia

05/01/2023 -  Chiara Marchesini

In Istria, durante il periodo asburgico, sono le terme e i trattamenti di benessere dei resort locali che fanno germogliare il turismo. Tra le località più importanti della zona c’è Abbazia, divenuta presto ritrovo dell’alta società viennese