Digital Fortress Europe #1: The ecosystem of European biometric monitoring and surveillance data

04/07/2022 -  Kostas ZafeiropoulosJanine LouloudiNikos Morfonios

The first of a series of insights into the digital aspect of the so-called 'Fortress Europe' and of existing and potential abuses: we start from a description of the main systems in use in Europe to manage the mobility of people across its borders and countries

Ukrainian Roma refugees are not welcome everywhere across Europe

29/06/2022 -  Cassandre Thomas

About 100,000 refugees fleeing from Ukraine to Europe are estimated to be Roma. They are particularly vulnerable, and yet appear to suffer from discrimination in at least some European countries, such as Czechia and Moldova

The EU macro-regions: building redevelopment and environmental protection

20/06/2022 -  Serena Epis

Energy efficiency and renovation programmes in the building sector are crucial to achieve the 2050 climate neutrality target envisaged by the European Commission. This topic was discussed in a stakeholder session during the European Macro-Regions Week 2022

EU: new transparency rules for online platforms

26/05/2022 -  Federico Caruso

With the Digital Services Act, the European Union aims to establish new standards on the obligations and responsibilities of social networks and other large platforms in the management of problematic content. The result is the outcome of an ongoing dialogue between the Commission, Parliament, and the Council, with the involvement of civil society

European cloud services: Big Tech’s profits grow thanks to public sector contracts

13/05/2022 -  José Luis Marín

The giants of Silicon Valley are taking in 70% of the profits generated by cloud computing in Europe. Despite the problems thrown up by GDPR, some of this money continues to flow through beefy public contracts

Data centres: the last great tech threat to energy sustainability

04/05/2022 -  José Luis Marín

The energy needs of these physical infrastructure, where much of the world’s digital information is stored, have grown exponentially in recent years. While business has been booming, so have concerns about their sustainability and the environmental threats that data centres present.

The EU's energy dependence, between gas and nuclear power

13/04/2022 -  Ornaldo Gjergji

Gas and nuclear as green energy? The European Parliament may not agree and reject the taxonomy proposed by the European Commission

Is the EU's asylum system ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees?

07/04/2022 -  Eva BelmonteÁngela BernardoMiguel Ángel GavilanesCarmen TorrecillasDavid Cabo Madrid

Ukrainian refugees now enter the EU under the aegis of the ultra-fast special protection system, but regular reception centres across the Union are piling up hundreds of thousands of applications and rejecting many. EU members states' asylum systems average more than 15 months of delay

Cohesion funds: what do they do for migrants and refugees?

21/04/2022 -  Klaudijo Klaser

With the EU facing the challenge of giving shelter to millions of displaced people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, it is useful to see what, in the context of cohesion policies, has been done on the issue of reception and development in recent years

Imagining Europe

05/04/2022 -  Luisa Chiodi

Civic movements that go beyond national borders, populism, and the construction of the common European home. We talked about it with sociologist Paul Blokker, starting from what is happening with the "Conference on the Future of Europe"