The International Press Institute (IPI) battling targeted cyberattacks


According to the Institute, the attacks appears to be in retaliation for the work in favour of independent media outlets in Hungary, which were also targeted

Surveillance: after Pegasus and Predator, the EU is (slowly) taking action

18/09/2023 -  Paola Rosà

While the European Parliament's Commission enquires on the various states where surveillance technologies have been commercialised despite the bans, the emphasis remains on civil society and digital security. Interview with Lorenzo Bagnoli of IrpiMedia

Journalists and spyware surveillance: an open letter to the European Parliament


The world of journalism is mobilizing and launching yet another heartfelt appeal to the European Parliament to introduce, in the proposed European Media Freedom Law (EMFA) under discussion, a total ban on the use of spying software against journalists

Trudeau against Facebook: social media, copyright, and information

15/09/2023 -  Paola Rosà

In protest against the new Canadian law that requires social media to pay news organisations every time a user shares a link, Facebook has blocked access to news portals, earning the condemnation of Prime Minister Trudeau. In Europe, meanwhile, new regulations are on their way on the removal of content, advertising, and disinformation

European Media Freedom Act: the end of source confidentiality?

30/08/2023 -  Dimitri Bettoni

The new European regulation aims to protect the secrecy of journalistic sources, the key concept at the heart of journalism, but actually risks legitimising its systematic violation

Femicides: the undeclared war on women in Europe

12/07/2023 -  Janine LouloudiNikos MorfoniosKostas ZafeiropoulosThanasis Troboukis

An unprecedented cross-border investigation, conducted by EDJNet with the participation of 19 newsrooms across Europe, attempts to shed light on femicides and rising violence against women at the time of the pandemic, as well as on the staggering shortage of up-to-date data on these phenomena

Topolò, Europe. Voices from the border/2

17/08/2023 -  Paola Rosà

The end of the Station and new beginnings with the Robida collective, between nostalgia, mountain sobriety, and lucid enthusiasm: the second part of a reportage from Topolò, which never ceases to be a forge of cultural and life projects despite all the difficulties, including bureaucratic ones

Topolò, Europe. Voices from the border/1

10/08/2023 -  Paola Rosà

Bilingualism denied, espionage in families, Gladio: history on the border has left indelible marks on the present of Topolò, a town on the Italian-Slovenian border where, also thanks to European funds, attempts are being made to build a future. First part of a reportage

“The Killing of a Journalist”, interview with director Matt Sarnecki

08/06/2023 -  Aleksej Tilman

The documentary “The Killing of a Journalist” (2022), by the American director Matt Sarnecki, covers the murder of Slovak investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his girlfriend Martina Kušnírová and its aftermath, unveiling the political corruption in Slovakia

Armenia and Azerbaijan, new talks in Moscow, Chişinău, and Ankara

06/06/2023 -  Onnik James Krikorian

A tight series of talks and meetings attended by Nikol Pashinyan, prime minister of Armenia and Ilham Aliyev, president of Azerbaijan, took place in various locations, from Moscow to Chişinău and even in Ankara. The goal was to seek the normalisation of relations between Yerevan and Baku