Safe cycling in the cities of the Danube area

24/06/2024 -  Paola Rosà

From 2020 to 2022, nine countries participated in an Interreg project to improve the safety of those who use bicycles to get around in everyday life or for leisure. Two years of research to promote the use of bicycles while reducing the number of casualties

For a transnational Danube, beyond Sissi and the Sachertorte

16/05/2024 -  Paola Rosà

Erhard Busek (1941-2022), an Austrian politician active in Balkan regional cooperation and lover of a Europe of minorities in dialogue, opened the work of the Interreg Transdanube Travel Stories project by talking about history, languages, landscapes and international protests: a synergistic approach, in search of a shared narrative

Trans Danube Travel Stories

The project, financed with EU cohesion funds and concluded in 2022, developed along six thematic areas: the political meaning of the Danube, nature, Roman heritage, culture and architecture, trade, spirituality. For each of these themes there was a focus on diversity (biodiversity, landscapes, peoples, architectural styles, ideologies) and change (change over time, influence on the present, search for roots, historical traces).

WPFD 2024: Media freedom groups sound the alarm over press freedom in Europe


On WPFD, OBCT joins MFRR partners in drawing the attention to the more than 1,000 media freedom violations recorded in past year

Renewable energy, more EU funds in the 2021-2027 period

12/04/2024 -  Ornaldo Gjergji

With the funds allocated by cohesion policy, the EU has significantly increased investments in the production of renewable energy, thus providing significant help to member states in achieving decarbonisation objectives

Pulse, a new collaborative journalism project on European affairs

26/03/2024 -  Redazione

Last week saw the presentation in Brussels of "PULSE. Europe beyond the beat", an ambitious project coordinated by OBCT aimed at making collaboration among European newsrooms a tool to harness the coverage of European affairs

The MFRR network presents the Monitoring Report 2023


The partners from the MFRR consortium published the latest edition of the Monitoring Report which documents press and media freedom violations from January to December 2023

Europe must end the attacks on human rights defenders assisting refugees and migrants


the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls the European states to end the repression of human rights defenders assisting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Europe, following the recently published Recommendation on the topic

EU funds: absorption difficulties persist

12/03/2024 -  Maura Madeddu

A study by the European Parliament examined the use of cohesion funds in the seven-year period 2014-2020, highlighting a decrease in absorption rates. It is necessary to reform the administrative system at national level and simplify the rules governing cohesion policy

The Anti-SLAPP Directive creates a promising minimum standard for Member States


The Coalition Against SLAPPs in Europe welcomes the adoption of the Anti-SLAPP Directive in the European Parliament. This directive sets the minimum standards for protecting public watchdogs against abusive litigation in the form of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation