Paradoxes: European cohesion policy increases inequalities


A recent study on the distributional effects of EU cohesion policy highlights how the latter reduces disparities between regions but paradoxically increases those within individual areas

Cycling between environment and memory: the new Isonzo-Soča cross-border park

31/05/2023 -  Paola Rosà

The warm season will be an opportunity to test the new infrastructures and strategies of an EU-funded project in the municipalities of Gorizia, Nova Gorica, and Šempeter-Vrtojba, a border area that conceives itself as a single, homogeneous territory along the river Soča

Baška, tourism, its limits

25/05/2023 -  Nicole CorritoreDavide Sighele Krk

As in other areas of the Croatian coast, also in Baška, a municipality on the southern tip of the island of Krk, the local administration is facing depopulation in the winter months and saturation in the summer ones. We talked about it with its mayor, Toni Juranić

Rivers of the Balkans: the Kupa of Karlovac

23/05/2023 -  Giovanni Vale

Few cities can boast of being crossed by four rivers. Karlovac is one of them. Kupa, Dobra, Korana, and Mrežnica. A river city that saw its golden age towards the end of the eighteenth century. Our reportage continues along the Kupa River

Islands in Croatia: Otra, development agency

20/04/2023 -  Nicole CorritoreDavide Sighele Cres

In Cres and nearby Losinj there are many territorial development projects that can be promoted thanks to the support of the European Union. But nothing could be done without those who care about the future of local communities

Europe and energy communities

13/04/2023 -  Ornaldo Gjergji

Energy communities are projects in which citizens associate both as producers and consumers of clean energy at a local level. There are already many of them, including in South-Eastern Europe. They could be supported by EU cohesion policy, but that is not the case yet

Cres, the sheep, Europe

12/04/2023 -  Davide Sighele

Local official in the morning, farmer in the afternoon. Franjo Toic is the emblem of what Europe can be: local, global, with a strong civic and community sense. An encounter

Gorizia-Nova Gorica: the concrete and revolutionary utopia of EGTC GO

29/03/2023 -  Paola Rosà

EGTC GO is a European group of territorial cooperation: a tool shared between municipalities to experience territories, overcoming and transforming borders

The griffons of Cres


The island of Cres, together with Krk and the neighbouring island of Prvic, is the last natural habitat of griffon vultures in Croatia. It is cared for by a centre located in Beli and managed by 'Priroda', a public institution based in Rijeka, which is responsible for preserving the natural environment and is also supported in this by European funds

Youth and work: the paradoxes of Romania

22/03/2023 -  Mihaela Iordache

In Europe, Romania has one of the lowest general unemployment rates and one of the highest youth unemployment rates. And the trend is not getting better