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Human Rights

16 December 2014

The arrest on spurious charges of investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova is being met by a disturbing silence of the international community, and shows there are no more boundaries for the Aliyev regime

European Union

11 December 2014

After years of extreme hostility, PDK and LDK strike a power sharing deal creating a government which will have to tackle the huge unemployment problem, and make progress on the normalisation of relations with Belgrade


18 November 2014

A year ago, Belle Air failed, the only airline flying the flag of Albania. Its failure was hailed by many as the end of a nepotistic monopoly, but no alternative project has come as a result of its destruction


17 December 2014

Geothermal energy lands in the Balkans, saving money on bills and curbing global warming. An interview with Marco Meggiolaro, coordinator of the LEGEND project


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