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Human Rights

29 October 2014

After last September's visit to Crimea, Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights Nils Muižnieks issued a report highlighting several human rights violations, severe intimidations, and attacks against journalists. Our interview

European Union

22 October 2014

The decision to hand over the judicial system to domestic authorities, cutting Eulex’s mandate before its objectives were achieved, will not help Kosovo in the long term. Analysis of the recent EC report


9 October 2014

After the enlargement stop set by President Juncker, some fear the risk of a Turkish scenario for the Western Balkans, i.e. negotiations that never end. Renzo Daviddi, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thinks different. Interview


30 September 2014

Despite the crisis, years of investment have led to the construction of 139 wind farms. Greece's wind is today one of the most attractive energy resources in Europe, and the trend is likely to continue


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