Belgrado | Antonela Riha | 16 January 2017

Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović sued the weekly NIN and won the case for moral damages as a result of a cover dedicated to Savamala scandal

Belgrade, town of two rivers

The avant-garde scene of the Belgrade youth, at the crossroads between past and future. By Filippo Bardazzi and Laura Chiaroni, co-published with Rassegna Est

Good morning Pančevo

One of the most polluted cities in Europe, home of a large industrial district during Socialist Yugoslavia, Pančevo suffered the devastating consequences of the NATO bombings of 1999. It is now slowly rising up. A video-report

Mediafreedom ECPMF

CoE Commissioner concerned over NIN defamation verdict
10/1/2017 - The weekly "NIN" was fined "for damaging the reputation of Serbia's Minister of Interiors". A sentence that, warns C...
Media freedom and the protection of journalists in the Western Balkans
16/12/2016 - Recently established, the regional platform for media freedom in the Western Balkans warns about the increased use o...
Wikipedia 'edit-a-thon' seeks to boost contents on media freedom and pluralism
28/10/2016 - An edit-a-thon will take place in Belgrade on November 21st to boost the availability of accurate knowledge on media...
Death threats against Serbian journalists must be investigated
20/9/2016 - The European Federation of Journalists strongly condemn the brutal death threats against Nedim Sejdinović, President...