Sarajevo | Andrea De Noni | 25 July 2014

General elections will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 12th. Candidates for the Presidency and House of Peoples will still need to identify as Serbs, Croats, or Bosniaks, in violation of the provisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Muro anti immigrati in Bulgaria
Eulex’s new clothes
'Journalism' in Greece: 100 euros a month for 100 copy-pastes a day
Mapping media freedom violations in Europe
Bulgaria: the anti-immigration wall ita

The government in Sofia presented the "technical barrier" on the Bulgarian-Turkish border: 30 kilometres of net and barbed wire that should contain the flow of refugees and asylum seekers

Teens left behind
Cristina Bezzi 
25 July 2014

In her documentary "Aici... adica acolo", the journalist and director Laura Capatana addresses the issue of children left behind in Romania leading us through the daily lives of two teenagers

EU states are failing to reach relevant international standards on freedom of expression, as defamation remains a criminal act in 23 out of all 28 members of the bloc, the International Press Institute (IPI) said on J...

Reporters Without Borders warns that access to media and information can be dropped from United Nations development goals. Protection of the right to information is in danger of being weakened or disappearing altogeth...

Pelin Batu has been laid off from her post at Milliyet newspaper. "Why a popular leader who can hardly keep 50 percent of his electors under control, is afraid of three or five journalists, columnists and reporte...

22 July 2014

Dysfunctional politics, institutional crisis, banking fever. This is the image of Bulgaria after last May's European vote. Our report

4 June 2014

The EU elections confirmed traditional electoral trends in Cyprus, with a record level of abstention and two seats each for the two main Greek-Cypriots parties. Controversies mounted about thousands of Turkish-Cypriots citizens not allowed to vote

From Donetsk to Lviv
From Donetsk to Lviv ita
A journey through the Ukraine, from Donetsk, on the border with Russia, to Lviv, near Poland. Two cities, two souls of a same, divided country
Words Build Democracy ita
The trailer of the European project "Saftey Net for European Journalists". Go to the on-line section
BeEu, our Europe ita
The trailer of the European project "BeEU - 8 Media outlets for 1 Parliament". Go to the on-line section


13 June 2014

Thousands of Tatar families have left the Crimea after the annexation by Russia. The community, which has always been in favour of the union with Ukraine, feels now threatened by the new authorities. Many have found hospitality in Lviv

13 January 2014

Animal species almost forgotten are a treasure for Serbian biodiversity. A Slow Food project is now struggling for their preservation

Safety Net for European Journalists

A broad network of media partners in 11 European countries, will devote a year to studying the freedom of the press in Italy, South East Europe and Turkey.

BeEU - 8 Media outlets for 1 Parliament

BeEu is a way to approach the European elections, support them and understand the implications for the future of Europe.”


Call for application a.y. 2014/15  "Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe" (MIREES)  Second cycle degree of the School of Political Sciences – Forlì Campus, University of Bologna 



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Three cities of the Western Balkans that have in common an industrial past  and present.

Three cities that share the drama of high pollution and an incidence of tumors far above the average of the respective countries. Elbasan in Albania, Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and finally  Pančevo in Serbia: three feature stories and three photo galleries. A new dossier by OBC.

In the spring of 1930, the Russian poet Osip Mandel'štam set out on a long journey with his wife Nadežda in the Caucasus, the last one before being comdemned to confinement and later death in a Siberian concentration camp. The travel of the two writers, their life and poetry, are the subject of Osservatorio's new documentary project. The multimedia

A collection of papers presented at the conference "Bad memories. Sites, symbols and narrations of wars in the Balkans", organised by Osservatorio Balcani in Rovereto, Trento, on 9 November 2007. The conference was part of a project devoted to Second World War memorial sites in former Yugoslavia, co-sponsored by the European Union and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Organic agriculture in the Balkans is still in its early stages though it already acts as a fundamental stimulus to sustainable rural development in the region. Through a comparative analysis of organic farming in the countries of South East Europe the book provides original insights into the process of European Union integration

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