Francesco Brusa | 29 April 2016

Despite the local ecclesiastical institutions' disapproval, in the Monastery of Saharna, a hundred kilometres from the Moldovan capital Chişinau, mass exorcism rites are taking place

Akram Aylisli’s Dream
Passi (Photo Mr. Connor, Flickr)
Resource Centre: a toolbox for media freedom
Refugees: The Balkan Route
Akram Aylisli’s Dream ita

A few days ago, the writer Akram Aylisli was due to participate in the Incontri di Civiltà literary festival in Venice. Azerbaijani authorities prevented him from attending. This is the speech he could not read

Stones (Foto Carlos Lorenzo, Flickr)
Akram Aylisli 
28 April 2016

Azeri writer Akram Aylisli, banned from taking part to a Literary Festival in Italy, writes to President Ilham Aliyev presenting the meaning of his most recent work, Stone Dreams

Chernobyl, a cultural object
Markian Kamysh 
26 April 2016

An exclusive interview with director Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi on his upcoming film, Luxembourg, and on the branding of Chernobyl


29 April 2016

Since April 13, tens of thousands of people go out on the street in Macedonia to protest against the political regime with a colourful, peaceful fight

14 April 2016

ECPMF action on 14 April calls Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban to investigate press freedom violations and defend journalists’ right to cover the refugee crisis

Pictures from Idomeni
Pictures from Idomeni ita
Thousands of migrants and refugees are stranded in Idomeni, at the border between Greece and Macedonia. Bledar Hasko visited the camp at the beginning of March
"Be afraid of still water, don't be afraid of fast water" ita
PROVERB SESSIONS is a workshop done ​​with young Syrian refugees in Turkish provinces of Hatay and Batman. Starting from proverbs of their tradition, they made ​​these short films now at disposal of the OBC readers
Transeurope. Civil society networks ita
The video of the workshop: Media freedom and the growth of the European public sphere


16 March 2016

A still landscape of clay, low trees, and white rocks. Albania looks with apprehension at its southern border, increasing patrols should any refugee appear. A report

8 March 2016

For the vast majority of refugees and migrants, using the Turkish network of traffickers is the only choice in order to start the journey along the Balkan Route. Our report

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Thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing war and persecutions, are making a dangerous journey across the Balkans to enter the European Union. A Dossier

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