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With the refugees in Gaziantep, 92 km from Aleppo

Mantegna, Rubens and Tintoretto stalled in Kiev

"We are not audience hunters"

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EU-Turkey Agreement: an appeal to the European Court of Justice
6/12/2016 - Access Info Europe, a Madrid-based organization promoting access to information, filed a petition to the European Co...
Crimea: freedom of speech turns to freedom of silence
21/11/2016 - Crimea has had no independent media for two and a half years now - a Crimean journalist speaks out about the situati...



gallery iconAbkhazia: Sukhumi, Victory Day
Victory Day (9 May) is still celebrated in most of the countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, commemorating the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the USSR at the end of Second Worl...
video iconPictures from Idomeni
Thousands of migrants and refugees are stranded in Idomeni, at the border between Greece and Macedonia. Bledar Hasko visited the camp at the beginning of March
gallery iconTrieste seen by Mario Magajna
Mario Magajna has worked since 1945 at Primorski dnevnik, the Trieste-based newspaper in Slovenian language. Now, an exhibition pays tribute to the great photojournalist and the city he d...

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The Bazna pig was born and bred in the late 19th-century Transylvania. Today, after the Saxon community that had selected it emigrated, the pig is likely to disappear as well


Thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing war and persecutions, are making a dangerous journey across the Balkans to enter the European Union. A Dossier


After a controversial and divisive referendum, what is the outlook for Hungary and the region on the subject of refugees? We interviewed Gábor Gyulai, of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee

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