Zagreb | Sven Milekić | 3 September 2015

An initiative advocating the use of the Ustaša salute ‘Ready for the homeland’ in the Croatian army has caused shock in the local public, indicating the persistence of a fascist legacy in Croatia

The new wall and us: Paradise lost
(Foto Alan Cleaver, Flickr)
Lost birds
Western Balkans Civil Society voices out  its demands to Europe’s leaders
The new wall and us: Paradise lost ita

From the boundary between Hungary and Serbia, where a new wall is being built. The first episode of a reportage

Filo spinato a Kübekháza (Ungheria) (foto G. Vale)
Giovanni Vale 
3 September 2015

At the border between Serbia, Hungary, and Romania, where the EU geographically begins but morally ends

Studio B
Dragan Janjić    |  Belgrado
2 September 2015

Serbia's first phase of media privatisation was met by few prospective buyers, and by a dramatic surge of the price of some local broadcasters


1 September 2015

Index on Censorship condemns the outrageous sentencing of Khadija Ismayilova

31 August 2015

Today, August 31, Khadija Ismayil read her final statement in court. The prosecutor cut her short. Here is Khadija Ismayil's full statement

31 August 2015

Several journalists have been dismissed by the Turkish Milliyet Daily during these last weeks. One of them reacts: ”We already cannot work as journalists under this great pressure” 

Safety Net for European Journalists
Safety Net for European Journalists ita dedicated 2014 to press freedom with the project "Safety Net for European Journalists. A video
gallery iconBulgaria: the anti-immigration wall ita
The government in Sofia presented the "technical barrier" on the Bulgarian-Turkish border: 30 kilometres of net and barbed wire that should contain the flow of refugees and asylum seekers
From Donetsk to Lviv ita
A journey through the Ukraine, from Donetsk, on the border with Russia, to Lviv, near Poland. Two cities, two souls of a same, divided country


3 September 2015

At the border between Serbia, Hungary, and Romania, where the EU geographically begins but morally ends

1 September 2015

The journey from Syria to Europe, along the Balkan route. In Hungary: apartheid and solidarity. Third Episode

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This report identifies needs and problems experienced by journalists in 11 South-East European countries, including Italy and Turkey. The analysis focuses on safety issues and impediments, suggesting possible remedial measures. By Eugenia Siapera (Dublin City University)


A collection of papers presented at the conference "Bad memories. Sites, symbols and narrations of wars in the Balkans", organised by Osservatorio Balcani in Rovereto, Trento, on 9 November 2007. The conference was part of a project devoted to Second World War memorial sites in former Yugoslavia, co-sponsored by the European Union and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Organic agriculture in the Balkans is still in its early stages though it already acts as a fundamental stimulus to sustainable rural development in the region. Through a comparative analysis of organic farming in the countries of South East Europe the book provides original insights into the process of European Union integration


[2014] In many Balkan countries in these years environmental movements have been struggling to defend common goods. Are these protests creating a new idea of Europe? Our dossier

In the spring of 1930, the Russian poet Osip Mandel'štam set out on a long journey with his wife Nadežda in the Caucasus, the last one before being comdemned to confinement and later death in a Siberian concentration camp. The travel of the two writers, their life and poetry, are the subject of Osservatorio's new documentary project. The multimedia

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