The Programme of the official presentation of the Appeal "Europe beyond the borders"

01/02/2002 -  Anonymous User

Sarajevo, Anfitheater Federal Parliament, Kreševljakovića 3

Saturday, 6th April 2002

4:00 p.m.

• Official presentation of the Appeal "Europe beyond the borders"

• Introduction

Topics for the debate:

- The Balkans in the European Union: a certain integration, sustainable, from below
- United in Europe: human rights, citizenship, development
- The Europe of civil society and local communities

4:45 p.m.

• Speeches from guest speakers

• Conclusions

Announced participants and speakers:

- ROMANO PRODI, President of the European Commission
- MUHIDIN HAMAMDZIC, Mayor of Sarajevo
- GIULIO MARCON, President Italian Consortium of Solidarity
- MAURO CEREGHINI, Director Observatory on the Balkans
- REPRESENTATIVES from NGOs, associations, trade unions and volunteers groups
- Italian and European MPs
- REPRESENTATIVES from Regions and Local Authorities
- Research fellows, intellectuals, artists
- REPRESENTATIVES from International Organization

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