5 luglio 2010

di Christophe Solioz
casa editrice: L'Harmattan
anno di pubblicazione: 2010
pagine: 404
prezzo: 35,00 euro

The contributions presented in this volume — most of them published between 1992 and 2010 — were written against the background of a robust presence throughout the Balkans since the early 1990s. Without pretending to be monumental, the chosen approach presents the scaffolding of a sequential process of thinking through the darkness of the war and post-war years. The texts’ juxtaposition multiplies the viewpoints and invites the reader to find his/her own way through the (post) Yugoslav labyrinth. While the country analyses focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, the book also discusses regional cooperation and the European integration processes, the role of civil society and NGOs, and the characteristics and limits of the transition and democratisation process in the Balkans. Last, but not least, a gallery of committed politicians and artists — among them Alex Langer, Wolfgang Petritsch, Carla Del Ponte, Paul Parin, Slavenka Drakulic and Sejla Kameric — is presented.